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Hunky DA's Office. Alan stands facing Ellenor and Lester, who sort of stare at him like he's got two heads, one of which is sporting a festering wound. Alan: "We'll drop the drug charges if he testifies against the older brother." Ellenor snaps, "How very big of you." Ah, he'll throw in all the accessory charges as well. His adversary barks that he has no case. Alan charges back by saying, "Ellenor. You have a conflict here." Ragdoll screams, "When don't they have a conflict, sheesh." Yawn. Blah she's advised Terrence of the conflict blah. But that's not all she has to say; she also wants to drive the point home that Alan has no case against Stephen Miller. Okay, but Alan doesn't stop there; in fact, he makes the situation even worse. He tells Lester Miller that because he lives within two blocks of a school, they can charge Terrence with intent to sell in a school zone, trumping up even more charges to force the brothers into finally giving themselves up for this crime. Any. Way. Terrence could get two years for holding half an ounce of dope in his room. The Pot Smoker's Lament breathes some smog into the room. Alan blathers on about how Terrence is going to lose is scholarship. Ellenor grabs her briefcase in a fit of rage and "shuts" the discussion down. Alan: "We've got a bad kid here. And we've got a good kid. You are letting a bad kid take the good kid down." That's nice. Telling the father of both boys that one of his kids is a bad apple, trying to convince him to sacrifice one son for the other? Lester is surprisingly quiet. Ellenor: "I'm going to have this arrest tossed within the week." For the sake of my heart, I hope she does; I can't take all this bad-ass Hunky DA. Ellenor and Lester leave Alan to consult his conscience as they leave his office.

The Firm. Lindsay walks back into the office where Frank is waiting. He does this strange surfing kind of motion when she comes in the door. He's going to catch a wave, dude. He asks, "Did you find her?" And Lindsay, for some unknown reason, lies to him: "No. I didn't, Frank. I'm not sure I will." He looks heartbroken. Absolutely crushed. "Maybe you could put an ad in the paper?" Okay, she'll think about it. He looks around, and then heads back to the conference room, his new home. Emperor Rod makes a surprisingly sedate appearance as his wife explains that she did, in fact, find his daughter and that she really doesn't want to have anything to do with Frank. Rod's brilliant response: "What are you going to do?" Which could be interpreted as a flippant "ah, what are you going to do?" or a more assertive "What the frelling heck are you going to do now?" Rod, who is incapable of flippancy, opts for the latter. Of course, Frank can't take up residence at The Firm. Lindsay tells her husband that Frank stayed at a shelter last night and got bullied. Rod: "Lindsay. He. Can't. Stay. Here." Oh, ye of little compassion. Some ruler of a kingdom you are, Rod. Lindsay looks at Frank and tells Rod she's going to talk to Helen. Why? Because she wants to find out if there's some kind of restitution program she's unaware of or something she just hasn't thought of yet. Bobby says she already knows the answer, and he doesn't think she needs to go to Helen. Lindsay: "I'm going to go to Helen." Heh. It's fun when Lindsay ignores her husband. I might even think it's a shout-out, just for the hell of it!

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