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Flash Firm. Lucy, Rebecca, and Ellenor are staring at the television screen in total disbelief. I'd like to believe that, because this part of the story line is so incredibly dumb, they are beside themselves, but truly, it's because, as lawyers, they think Alan has crossed the line. Bobby and Jimmy are standing there too. Ellenor mutters through clenched teeth, "What!" Alan drones on about them having to dismiss the case because of their lack of evidence. Then, just to incite society a little bit further, Alan, still holding up Stephen's mug shot, warns people not to approach the boy because he's "armed and dangerous." Personally, I think Alan's got his decades and criminals mixed up. He's Elliott Ness trying to get Al Capone. Blah notify the authorities if you have any information blah. Ellenor stomps over to the television and turns it off. Do they all just stand around waiting for these press conferences to happen? Is their television rigged to only turn on when live breaking news is about to air? Puh-lease. The whole fake-news aspect of this show's formula has really, really got to stop. It's like DEK needs filler and he thinks, "Hell yeah! I'll throw in a fake news conference! That'll buy me some time." Ugh. Ellenor grumbles, "Did he just do what I thought he just did." Jimmy, in his usual Lumpy way, responds, "Yeah. It was nasty."

Again, Lindsay walks into the office at the tail end of a trauma regarding Ellenor's case. Of course, everyone drops the Stephen hot potato and returns to the Frank hot potato. Ouch. Rod winces, "How'd you make out?" Lindsay recaps what happened in Helen's office. Rebecca: "How about appealing to her conscience?" Ha! Did DEK write that line just for me? Oh, it's just too easy, even for me. What freaking conscience? Lucy cracks, "Talk about your small targets." Ah, cheap shot -- good to know it's not beneath DEK either. Oh, they feel so good about themselves because they requested the DNA test. Blah not in much of a position to guilt them blah. Eugene, the true voice of reason on this blasted show, says, "What do you mean they requested the DNA test?" Lindsay wants to know what he means. He responds, "Why would the DAs ever do that of their own accord? Did you ask Helen that?" The Uprising Of Understated Intentions bleats in to the scene. Lindsay shakes her head. Then she bats her fists on her thighs, thinking, "Damn. Why didn't I think of that?" Frank lumbers in from the conference room. Where the heck did Ellenor go? Is she just seething in the corner, waiting for the current Lindsay drama to play itself out? Right. Frank. He shows Lindsay another picture of his daughter he found in his wallet. Lindsay holds the picture in her hands and says, "Frank. Andrea doesn't look like this any more. She's all grown up now." Oh, he knows. But he thinks this picture will help. In fact, he bets she still smiles like that.

Right. We've found Ellenor. She's barging into Hunky DA's office. He makes some crack about how she never knocks. She snaps, "You just ordered his execution." The Hunk defends himself. He simply made a call for information. She says, "You put his face on the screen and made an announcement that he was a Blood who murdered a Crip, and then you freed him from custody." Blah he said/she said blah. He had no evidence. She claims he's set Stephen up for a death sentence. Ellenor tosses the word "vile" around for good measure. Blah not his intent blah. Alan is using the press conference as leverage. Right now, Stephen is safer in jail than out, so Alan wants to make a deal. Can I buy a vowel? Or insist that something is my final Answer? Or maybe I'll take Whoopi Goldberg for the win. Ellenor has turned into a fire-breathing dragon. She doesn't care that Alan will put Stephen in protective custody. She clenches her teeth and slits her eyes. No, she's going to the judge with his "little piece of extortion," and if anything happens to her client, well, she's going to make sure Alan is charged as an accessory to murder. Alan doesn't bite. In fact, he doesn't even flinch. He says, "Fine. Go to the judge. And perhaps on your way home you can swing by the morgue and take a look at Brian Fletcher." You know, even though he's acting like an ass, Hunky DA is most certainly the best thing about this damn show. I'm actually glad he joined us this season.

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