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The Honorable Man

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The Honorable Man

Courthouse. An older gentleman stands to recite the verdict in Jimmy's case. They find in favour of the plaintiff, Wayne Mayfield, and order the defendant to pay damages in the amount of twenty-five dollars. The judge dismisses the jury as the gallery twitters, and ragdoll wonders, what the hell does that mean? Are they trying to make a point? Peter can't believe his good luck, and frankly, neither can Jimmy. "We won!" Peter's ecstatic. "Yeah, you're a big winner, Pete." They ramble about the closing. Jimmy snarks at his friend a bit, and then Pete gets the hint. They posture. They're men. They throw some testosterone around. Ragdoll does the duck-and-cover. "You got something to say?" Pete asks. But you know he's not really asking. "Yeah," Jimmy responds, "I think you're a bigot. I also think you revealing his condition, you probably meant to create a climate that would make him want to leave. Mission accomplished, Pete." Mr. Keaton looks down at Jimmy; he harkens back to their childhood, when "you thought they were just as sick as I did." No more camaraderie from Jimmy: "Yeah, the difference is -- I grew up." The Poignant Jimmy's A Decent Fellow Melody twangs in the back ground as Pete is left to stew in the Lump's words. Isn't is fitting that he's the last one left in the courtroom? Could we be punched in the head with the imagery?

Ragdoll can barely believe her luck. Dave's coming out with his new Island Stingers and his new Mexi-Cali Stingers. Can you hardly wait? That's what new for my summer.

Lindsay and Eugene are waiting for their verdict. He asks Lindsay if he handled himself okay. She's put to shame. "I got goosebumps! I was suddenly proud to be a defense attorney again." He's not so sure she should be so proud. Eugene goes over it all again. He doesn't recognize himself or the question: "Then it hits you, maybe we're the ones who are lost." She's not convinced: "There is honour in what you do, Eugene. You may not believe your own words in there, but I do." Eugene: "She says I can't feel." Lindsay: "Who?" Sharon, he answers, and maybe she's right, he can't. Okay, here's what I think. DEK is putting Eugene through the psychological ropes because he's going to have him leave the firm and join Helen at the DA's office. No one can be that tortured. He'll leave, become a DA, and put his marriage back together. Bets, anyone? ["I want a credit and a big fat cheque for this one. I'll be over here holding my breath if anyone needs me." -- deborah]

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