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The Honorable Man

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The Honorable Man

Lucy puts her coat on and turns off the lights. She asks Jimmy to lock up before he goes and makes her way out of the office. Jimmy's on the phone: "Hey Ma." From his conversation, you learn that his mother's busy but she still wonders if her son is okay. Jimmy denies that anything is wrong (you know he's lying) and claims that he just wanted to talk. She's got company. "I was just calling to say 'hi,' that's all." They agree to talk tomorrow. His eyes are vacant as he hangs up the phone. Life sure must be tough when faced with overcoming your butt-head friends from boyhood. Oh, so poignant. Oh, please deborah, send me some of the Maalox that Sars sent to you. She must have skipped me. ["I think maybe you weren't on staff yet at Christmas, but no problem, I'm shipping some over as I type. I don't need any for The West Wing, but I'm damn sure gonna put some aside for the Donnell-Dole nuptials." -- deborah]

Judge Kittleson's Courtroom. The jury is filing in with their verdict for Alex Two-Two. Damn, Kittleson's hair looks fantastic. Roberta asks the defendant to rise, and asks if the jury has reached its verdict. They have. "What say you?" The woman reads all the charges: he's not guilty of Murder in the First Degree, not guilty of Murder in the Second Degree, and guilty of Lascivious and Unnatural acts. Judge Beautiful sentences him to six months less time served and lets him go. The gallery twitters some more. Helen looks defeated. No one looks like they've won. Some piano is tweaking as the final scene in the episode sees Eugene walk the deserted hallway of the courthouse, hearing his steps echoing, a single tear escaping down his stoic face. ["You forgot to mention how beautiful his face is...hey baby, I'll wipe those tears..." -- deborah]

Bam. We're back to you, deborah, for the mysterious season-ender that is Bobby and Lindsay's wedding. ["May God have mercy on my soul." -- deborah]

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