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Hookers, Narcissistic Disorders, and Murderers

The Firm. Jennifer arrives with her baby in tow. She's all smiles and good humour. The entire firm gives her a collective evil eye. She says, "Hi everybody!" After she notices the cool temperature in the room, she continues, "What's the matter?" Jimmy stands up with the cheque in his hand. "The name Mark Greene didn't ring a bell with you Jennifer?" Mark Freaking Greene? Is DEK that hard up for names that he has to take them from ER? You can't tell me that DEK didn't know that there was a character on ER with exactly the same freaking name. Damn. Mark's death has become the stuff of television legend -- how long is it going to take, when is it going to happen, how much can he resemble Campbell Scott in Dying Young -- and to top it all off, the hooker's name is Jennifer? The name of Mark's ex-wife? Damn. DEK's inferiority complex is getting a bit too large even for his standards. Last week he railed against The Sopranos, this week he's knocking ER. The man has plenty of issues. Right. The end of the episode, that's what I'm recapping. Okay. So Jimmy is pissed. He can't believe that Jennifer did the same thing to Mathis that she did to Mark Greene. He holds up the piece of paper. He walks over to Jennifer, holding the cheque from Mathis's law firm. "Here's your cheque. Take it. Walk out of this office and never come back here again." Jennifer tries to redeem herself. She cries, "These people are rich, Jimmy. It's expensive raising a child." He says indignantly, "The biggest problem your child has is having you for a mother." Pause. "If I hear of this happening ever again, I'll go to the police and to social services to take that child away from you." He hands over the cheque. "Take the cheque, walk out of here and never come back again." Jennifer grabs the cheque, and leaves the office -- on Jimmy's terms? Perhaps. But only time will tell if DEK will bring this character back to life again.

The verdict is in. Danny is found guilty. Damn. He's stunned. Joey announces, "We will appeal, Your Honour." As the guards drag him away, Joey keeps trying to convince Danny "not to lose hope," that he'll get started on his appeal "right away," just "don't lose hope." Okay? After Danny has left the courtroom, Joey cracks, "Well, I guess you can't win them all!" Rod grabs his arm: "If I can figure out a way to reveal what I know, I will." Joey responds, "Surely the accusation that I tried to lose a case would be libel, per se." Blah unfortunate circumstances, blah all part of being a lawyer, blah need to accept the outcome blah. Joey smirks. And goes off to "dig up" some new clients. He turns back to Rod: "Until we meet again." And with that, Joey Heric is gone. I begin to mourn the fun that I had. The end.

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