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Hookers, Narcissistic Disorders, and Murderers

Office Of Mathis, Prince Of Pain. The office is also lush. The doors look like they are mahogany. In fact, I think I hear a rainforest crying in the background. The books are custom-published. They all look the same. Jimmy enters and immediately feels out of place. Mathis says, "You can close the door, Pauline." She smiles and leaves Jimmy behind. The Lump steps forward and, without even a polite "hello" or "how are you doing," says, "It's the conclusion of a rape crisis counselor [translation: Lucy] that she was raped. She tells me she was raped. And I believe her." Mathis responds, "You believe her?" He looks at Jimmy like he's about to toss him out the bay window framing his ugly mug. Mathis says bluntly, "Your client set me up, Mr. Berluti." Blah relations, blah hooker, blah surprise, blah extortion blah. Jimmy snaps, "Did she give herself the black eye?" Well, Mathis thinks maybe she did, because he sure as hell didn't. He asks, "Why are you here?" Jimmy responds, "The district attorney's office has to prove its case beyond all reasonable doubt. In civil cases, as you know, the burden is much less." Pause. "She makes a credible witness." In what universe? Isn't that the very reason Helen refused to prosecute? Jennifer Cole is a hooker with a history of drug abuse. The other side would tear her apart like a piranha attacks its prey. Mathis snarks, "Get to the punch line." Jimmy: "We settle now or sue you tomorrow." He looks down at the pictures facing outwards from Mathis's desk. Who faces their pictures outwards so that visitors can see them? Isn't the point of having family pictures at the office so that the person working at the office can see them? Whatever. Jimmy continues, "None of those people would ever know." Mathis steps around in time with his Melody Of Intimidation Methods. He says, "On your way out, Mr. Berluti, take a glance at the artwork on the walls. We are a very rich law firm. It's a by-product of having many excellent lawyers." Pause. "Go forward with this extortion, I'll employ the attorneys here to destroy both you and your client." Jimmy fires back, "And that's not extortion?" Mathis: "No, it isn't, because I didn't rape your client." Mathis dismisses Jimmy like he's a fly buzzing around his sandwich at a summer picnic. Ah, to be so arrogant; it's a gift. As Jimmy walks past Pauline, the secretary, she looks up meaningfully from papers and follows him out with her eyes. Hum. I wonder what's up there. Do you think she knows something? Yawn.

The Courthouse Where Plan B Equals Pain. Old D.A. X has Mr. Holmstead on the stand. On the night of Jean's murder, he thought she was out with friends, even though it was unusual that she didn't leave him a message. Finally, around midnight, he started calling her friends. Then at 3 AM, he called the police. Old D.A. X asks if Mr. Holmstead had knowledge of his wife's affair. Mr. Holmstead resembles Ted Turner. He replies, "I had learned about it a week before." How did he find out? Well, Mrs. Holmstead had been in therapy, and her therapist told her to tell him. What happened? Mr. Holmstead responds, "We had some very severe arguments. Ending in a re-commitment by both of us to our marriage." What about Carrington? Mr. Holmstead says his wife planned to break off her affair. Old D.A. X asks, "Do you know if she did that, sir?" According to the husband, his wife had three conversations with the defendant, but when Holmstead starts revealing the contents of their discussion, Ellenor objects. It's hearsay. But wait -- Joey doesn't want to object, so the objection is withdrawn and the hearsay is allowed to stand. What the heck is he up to, that Heric? Mr. Holmstead carries on: "She said that he was having a difficult time accepting that they wouldn't be seeing each other again." Blah she thought, blah restraining order, blah afraid of him blah. Did she use that word? Yes. "She was concerned he might try to hurt her."

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