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Hookers, Narcissistic Disorders, and Murderers

The Firm. On the other side of Rod's office, Jimmy and Eugene meet with Jennifer Cole. Jimmy says, "I'll do whatever you want. But Jennifer, we're not going to win this." She looks upset. "He's prepared to put an army of lawyers on this. I think we should just let it go." Jennifer doesn't like that answer. She doesn't think she can just let go of the fact that the man raped her. They pause for a minute as Pauline, the super-secretary, walks into The Firm. She asks to see the lawyers privately.

Boardroom. The camera pans over Pauline's super-size purse and then over her sleeveless dress. How come she has no coat? It's pre-April. In Boston. I mean, it's a nice dress and everything, but damn, she would be cold. Anyway, she says, "First. I'm going to deny everything I'm about to tell you." Jimmy says okay. Pauline continues, "I don't know if Mr. Mathis did what you said he did. But there's a junior partner at my firm who keeps asking me what's going on." He's just too interested, you know? Pauline continues, "I think he knows something." When Jimmy asks what his name is, Pauline pulls out a business card and hands it to him. "Like I said. We never had this conversation." Eugene says, "Jimmy. Draft a complaint. Move for an emergency deposition to be taken prior to filing the complaint." The Lump wonders if they can do that. Eugene says they can, if there's a danger that the evidence could be lost. After all, the junior partner will feel a lot of pressure to toe the party line.

Suffering County Courthouse Where Hookers Survive Their Pain. Jimmy stands before Judge Wark, the one who looks like Rod Steiger, looking nervous. Why is that Jimmy's only expression in this episode? It's almost like he's a puppet and Eugene is pulling the strings. Why doesn't Eugene just step in and do the dirty work? The judge wants to know why Team Lady Of The Evening doesn't just go ahead and file the complaint. Jimmy replies, "We're happy to do that, Your Honour. I would think that the defendant would seek to explore ways to make this go away before we file, since filing makes a public record." The lawyer for Mathis's side pipes up, "That kind of threat is evidence of the extortion." Legal banter, right to depose, happy to take that route, blah. The judge is onto the con, and he tells Jimmy that once they find out what the junior associate really has to say, their "card is played." Has DEK been playing too much poker? Or has he been watching Ocean's 11? The "life is a game" metaphors are a bit tired. Okay. Despite Judge Wark actually stating that the case "stinks," he still allows Jimmy to do the pre-filing deposition. Which means Jimmy has won this battle. But will he win the war? Yawn.

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