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The Firm. Lindsay, Ellenor, Bobby, and Eugene are standing around talking about the preliminary forensic reports. Eugene says they show Bobby was standing between O'Malley and Lindsay. Bobby states, "I didn't deny that." He turns to Lindsay and asks, "Did you?" Lindsay replies that she didn't even talk about where Rod was standing. Ellenor notes that the findings also show Lannibal wasn't moving forward. Rod asks if the D.A.'s office is going to file charges. Eugene says that they've given them "no indication," but if it looks like they are going to file, he wants to surrender Lindsay, because the press is "all over" their building. Lindsay insists, "How could they make a case, the guy was a cannibal?" Ellenor responds that the "sticking point" is the fact that Lannibal wasn't armed.

Way on the other side of the office. Read: Rebecca's desk. Lucy walks over and hands her a videotape, explaining that it was delivered earlier. Rebecca wants to know where it came from. There was no note, so Lucy doesn't know. Rebecca walks over to a VCR and puts in the tape. A very pale, very drawn-looking young woman appears on the screen. Her brown hair is tousled. There is blood on her shirt. She looks as if she hasn't slept in decades. The Symphony Of Subjugation slides into the scene, almost unnoticed. The woman has obviously been terrorized. She says, "My name is Nancy Connell. I'm being held." She holds up a copy of the Boston Herald and continues, "The date is May 10, 2002. Here's a copy of today's paper. Please help me. Please." She cries, "Please," again. Then the tape goes blank. Lucy looks stunned. Rebecca looks stunned. Lucy says, "Who was that?" Rebecca replies, "That's the victim from my murder trial." Lucy continues, "Victim? She's alive?" Rebecca gasps, "I see that, Lucy."

Back to the other side of the office. Detective Mike opens the door to The Firm. He doesn't knock. He's there on Official Police Business. He doesn't need to knock. Rebecca and Lucy come into the room. Mike walks over toward the cluster of lawyers and says, "Lindsay Dole." Eugene wants to surrender Lindsay, but Mike says that's impossible. Walsh has ordered him to "take her" from the office. Ellenor complains, "Oh, come on!" The two uniform cops walk over to poor Lindsay. Mike continues, "Please place your hands behind your back." Lindsay moans, "Bobby!" He blurts, "I'm coming with you." Mike continues in an orderly fashion, "Lindsay Dole, you're under arrest for the murder of Lawrence O'Malley." The cuffs jangle. Mike's narrative continues, blah rights blah. Eugene talks over him, advising his co-worker, "You say absolutely nothing. All talking stops. I need to take care of a few things here and then I'll be down there." Mike pipes up again: does she understand her rights? Lindsay sort of nods her head, and then the uniforms drag her off to central booking. Okay. What could Eugene possibly have to "take care of"? Wouldn't Lindsay being arrested automatically bump up to number one on his to-do list? Really, the dialogue in this show is so silly sometimes.

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