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Bobby's Office. He comes in and tells Lindsay that "they'll get through this." Bam! Here comes the fight. Lindsay screams, "I'm the one going through this. I didn't see you wearing handcuffs today." Blah this affects him, blah not enough it doesn't, blah what does that mean, blah she's always alone blah. She doesn't feel like he's ever "with her." Blah he doesn't understand, blah Hinks, blah stabbed blah. She screams something about Bobby not caring about what she's going through. She yells that it's too much for her to take on alone. Oh. The. Pressure. It's so hard being that kind of girl -- you know, the subject-of-stalkers-that-end-up-in-your-house-so-you-murder-them kind of girl; her life is just so complex. Yawn. Lindsay blurts that she's "sick of it!" Well, Rod tosses this one back: "You know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of you isolating yourself only to declare you're alone. Let me tell you something --" He steps forward. She shouts, "Get out!" He continues, "You acted alone here. You pulled that trigger alone. And now my son is faced with losing his mother." She shrieks, "Get the hell out! Leave me alone." Bobby snaps, "Fine. Be alone." And he leaves Lindsay sobbing in his office. Yes. Sobbing. In his office. Alone. Uncontrollably sobbing. Yawn.

Helen's Office Where Rodney Expects To Feel No Pain. Rebecca walks in and tells the D.A. that Rodney wants to walk. Helen can't let that happen. Rebecca asks, "Is it considered privileged who his friends are?" Helen perks up. "Somebody has her. Somebody made that tape. I heard him speak of this one friend he has. The only friend I'm aware he has." Helen tells Rebecca that she has discretion to blow the privilege if the kidnapping case is ongoing. Good. Because that's exactly what she does after she pauses over, well, defending her client for an entire millisecond. She hands over the name and address of Rodney's only friend in the world. Surprisingly, it's not Pugsley. On her way out of the office, Rebecca turns back and says, "If that favour is to count for anything, Helen, please let it count for Lindsay." Oh. Good. Grief. Why does Helen handle all the cases in fake Boston except for this one? Honestly. It's a bit ridiculous. As we fade to black, Helen picks up her phone to call Detective Mike.

Who started this whole two-hour season finale trend? It's very annoying.

Helen's Office Where Bobby's Pain Is Consoled. Helen tells her friend that she thinks it's a mistake if their firm represents Lindsay. How many times can we go over the same issue? Rod wants to know if she can name a lawyer that would be better. Helen ignores the snide remark and says, "Something tells me that isn't what you came here to discuss." Bobby sighs. Atlantis is discovered. He says quietly, "No. Remember when you came to see Lindsay and me about possibly entrapping O'Malley? About getting him civilly committed?" Pause. "Lindsay said something at the end of the meeting, I'm not sure if you'd even remember." Helen doesn't miss a beat: "'If he resists, shoot him.'" Bobby: "You remember." Helen says, "Actually. I forgot." Bobby: "Have you told anybody what you forgot?" She says, "No." The phone rings. It's bad news. You can see it on Helen's face.

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