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Suffering County Courthouse. Rebecca says, "Dead?" Helen explains that Rodney's friend pulled a gun and the cops shot him. Rebecca says, "You were only supposed to question him? You just shoot him?" Helen argues that he pulled a gun on the police. She looks mad. And this means that Rodney is the only one who knows where the girl might be. Rebecca snorts, "Like he's really going to help now. He had one friend in life and you shot him." As the two discuss their case, the media erupts on the other side of the hallway. Lindsay, Bobby, Eugene et al enter the courtroom for their next hearing.

Walsh argues against The Firm representing Lindsay; Eugene argues for it. The judge tells Eugene they can't use representation as a "shield." They need to make everyone available for the investigation. Eugene agrees to the terms. Judge West turns to Lindsay: "You're sure you want your own people defending you here?" Yes. She's sure. Then Eugene enters their plea. Walsh makes some crack about not allowing self-defense. Eugene continues, "We're not going self-defense. We're pleading not guilty, relying on Battered Women's Syndrome." Huh. Actually, it's an interesting argument, in theory. I know by the end of the second hour it will be beaten down and utterly destroyed in practice, but it's an interesting angle. Walsh is stupefied. The judge enters the plea. The gallery erupts.

Outside the courtroom, the media is all frenetic and stuff. What's the point of it? Honestly. I'm too tired to resist. I toss Anvil at the screen for a practice run. She bounces back and tells me my heart isn't in it yet.

Client Room Where Rodney Confronts The Source Of His Pain. Helen wants to know where Nancy Connell is, but Rodney's not budging. He calls Helen a "bitch" after he tells her she's a murderer. Helen puts a press release in front of the man. She's told the press that he's a suspected pedophile. He looks at the paper and says, "You can't do this. You can't hang no molester jacket on me." Oh, yes, yes she can, and she did. Helen says, "You're a dead man, Rodney."

Helen leaves, and Rodney starts to sweat. He doesn't think Helen can just call him a pedophile. Rebecca smarts, "What are you going to do, sue her for defamation of character?" Blah give up the girl blah. This makes Rodney very angry. He threatens her. He blathers on about being more valuable now that his friend Walter is dead. In fact, he gets so agitated that Rebecca calls the guards to come in and restrain him. The whole time Rodney just keeps screaming that he's not going to say anything and that Rebecca had better get him out of there.

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