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Stairway to Heaven

Lindsay sits in Bobby's office. He takes a deep breath and asks, "When I was up on murder, did I take it out on you?" Lindsay looks at her husband. Now, that's not a conversation starter you hear very often. He continues, "You've got to know I'm here for you." They make up. It's a pattern. They fight. They make up. They fight again. This is not a healthy relationship. Blah she's scared, blah been in disbelief, blah terrified, blah they do have a case blah. Bobby insists that they aren't going to lose. Memory lane rears its ugly head. He promises that they aren't going to lose. Which means, of course, that they are going to lose.

Eugene and Ellenor discuss the logistics of organizing Lindsay's defense. He wants her to try the case. Ellenor looks a little shocked, but she says, "Okay."

Helen's Office. Rebecca walks in and asks Helen what's wrong. Helen replies, "Rodney Edsel was stabbed forty minutes ago. He's dead." So, what about the girl? Rebecca sits down. Helen apologizes. She never thought this would happen. What's next? Helen doesn't know. She'll pass on the details to Rebecca once she knows. Rebecca is stunned. She leaves Helen's office. The D.A. plays Nancy's tape again and pretends to be upset. What happens to the girl? Does anyone care about the girl? Obviously not, because we cut to static and the episode ends -- and the season finale is all Lindsay's trial. I guess Nancy Connell ends up in the recesses of DEK's imagination where all extraneous characters that have served their purposes go to die.

And now, Part Two.

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