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Stairway to Heaven

The Firm Where They Debate The Merits Of Lindsay's Pain. Hang on -- we're mid-discussion, and I get the feeling that they've been in the conference room talking about last night's events the entire time Rebecca's been with Helen. That's so annoying. Any. Way. Jimmy starts off the discussion with a little "I still say don't talk!" Lindsay bellows, "In which case they'll arrest me!" Ellenor tries to calm her down: "Lindsay, the likelihood is that there's going to be an arrest here." Rod hollers, "Why? He was a serial killer violating his T.R.O." Back and forth and back and, does DEK ever know how to drag something out. Ellenor: "He had no gun!" Bobby: "She didn't know that." Ellenor: "His pattern was to kill by knife, Bobby, she knew that!" Lindsay insists, "All I knew was that he had come to my house and he wouldn't leave." Eugene tries to keep the peace as he tells his co-workers to "dial it back." Whatever the hell that means. He continues, "If they don't have enough to indict, rule of thumb, we don't talk." Lindsay insists that they do have enough to charge her, and the only way they won't put her up for murder is if she and Bobby give them a statement. Eugene disagrees. Ellenor pipes up. She thinks they shouldn't even be thinking about whether or not Lindsay will be arrested. Right now, they need to be thinking about how to win at trial. Because this case will go to trial. Bobby: "You all just heard her story. What is she going to say that could hurt us at trial?" Eugene glances over at the Emperor. This cues the music. Bobby looks at his co-worker and snaps, "What?" Eugene says coolly, "It's your version that concerns me." Bobby says snidely, "My version?" Eugene responds, "What you said she said before she fired. He made the crack about heaven. Lindsay said, 'You go on without me.' It sounds a bit too clever. Reflective even."

Pause. Lindsay insists they don't tell the police that. Then she says, "Look, a cannibal showed up at my door." Her voice gets louder with each word: "Entered the premises. He made threats about killing me before." Pause. "No jury is going to convict me for defending myself." Blah the prosecution won't waste time, blah case they won't win. Eugene tries to interrupt. Lindsay shrieks, "I am not standing trial for murder. It'll destroy my career. I have a child." Ha! Career first. Child later. Where's the kid now? And why doesn't she mention Rod in the reasons why she won't go to trial? Shouldn't it have been, "I have a child, a husband, a career, a life?" What-freaking-ever. Lindsay continues, "We need to squash this thing now, and if I have to talk to do that, then I'm going to talk!" Again, Eugene tries to get a word in edgewise: "What if you say something --" She yells, "I won't! I know the drill, Eugene." Eugene and Lindsay continue to bicker about the merits of talking versus not talking. It might not be a good thing if Lindsay "knows the drill." Her state of mind today doesn't have any bearing on her state of mind yesterday. Finally, Lindsay completely loses it and screeches, "If I don't talk, they'll arrest me!" The tension is high. Bobby looks at Ellenor. Ellenor looks at Jimmy. Lindsay finishes, "It's my decision. I want to give them a statement." Eugene leans back in his chair and says, "Bobby. My office, please."

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