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Eugene's Office Where He Tries To Contain The Pain. Bobby closes the door. Eugene walks over to his desk and says, "She's in no place to be making decisions if she's that emotional." Bobby lets out a sigh that would topple the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or at the very least ensure it that leans the other way. "Eugene --" Eugene ignores him: "And neither are you if you can't see that." Pause. He continues, "I have half a mind to get her judged incompetent." Bobby insists that what Lindsay's saying isn't necessarily wrong. Eugene replies, "If she's screaming it, I have to question where it's coming from." Word. Bobby agrees, but he does think that they should cooperate with the police. Eugene says, "If we do this, it's under my control. If I don't like what I'm hearing, I'm shutting it down." Bobby agrees to his terms. Rebecca knocks and then comes in. She's just talked to Helen. Blah Helen thinks Walsh will indict to protect his "ass," blah they need to say something, blah they've got no choice blah. Bobby says, "We've decided to talk." Eugene asks if he's sure. Rod responds, "Set it up."

The Firm Where A Press Release Encourages The Discussion Of Pain. Ellenor is surrounded by lights, cameras, action. Of course, she's giving the press a "statement." Of course, they stand "united" in their support of Lindsay Dole. Ellenor goes on to say that it's always tragic when there is a loss of human life. Blah Lindsay was defending her life, blah O'Malley civilly committed, blah danger to himself, blah danger to others, blah to Lindsay, blah repeatedly threatened her blah. The crowd erupts. Ellenor points to a fake journalist. He asks, "Is there a reason she won't speak to police about what happened?" Bulbs are flashing all over the place. I'd be blind by now. Ellenor responds, "The only reason was medical. Lindsay was naturally suffering from some shock and was taken to the hospital." Pause. "She plans to fully cooperate with this investigation." Blah members, blah The Firm, blah arrangements, and blah she'll speak to the police blah.


We're back to Rodney and Rebecca. That sounds like a sitcom. The Rodney and Rebecca Show, starring the intractable Pud! Rebecca snaps, "If you tell me to kiss Pugsley one more time I'll file a motion to withdraw!" Rodney whines, "Rebecca!" She tells him to "stop touching himself." Rodney replies, "It's a problem, okay! One doctor told me I could cut back if I got others to touch it." Then he mumbles, "Sucky sucky." Rebecca is furious: "That's it!" She tries to storm out of the room. Rodney stops her by saying, "Come on come on come on!" Only he says "awn" instead of "on." Blah no judge, blah let her off, blah middle of trial blah. He manipulates his lawyer like he does his Pugsley: "Like I'm the first client that ever asked you to lick his chopper." He giggles. Anvil struggles under the weight of my couch; she doesn't like it when she's hidden from the action. I can't let her out, though. It's just too dangerous; I've still got an episode and half to go. Rodney says, "Do I testify or not?" Rebecca says, "If you don't testify, the victim's blood in your car, your prints on the hammer, the blood on the hammer, all that goes unanswered." Rodney squeaks his ear. He rubs his hand across his mouth. Rebecca: "You do testify, your record can be introduced. There are risks either way." He nods his head and says, "I think the jury needs to hear from me." Then he asks if the jury will hear about "the other" one. Rebecca says, the other murder/rape? Apparently, Rodney has already raped and murdered another girl, but he was acquitted so it can't be introduced. He grins a lopsided, sort of goofy grin and says, "Okay. I'll testify." Who's ever seen someone get such sick pleasure out of being on trial for murder? Oh, right -- I almost forgot what I was doing here for a second.

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