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The D.A.'s Office. Eugene is laying out the ground rules for Lindsay's statement. He instructs Walsh that anything Lindsay said to her husband, her co-workers, and her doctor is out of bounds and privileged. Walsh says snidely, "Can we ask her her name?" Eugene snaps, "Look. She doesn't have to talk at all." Walsh gets up from behind his desk and insists they can arrest Lindsay whether she talks or not. Eugene: "Why haven't you?" Walsh: "Would you like us to?" Then they pull out their swords and start dueling. Jimmy breaks the tension: "All right. We're here to cooperate." Eugene insists that they are offering the D.A.'s office more than they're legally entitled to. He just wants to set the ground rules. Detective Mike just stands there. Walsh looks over to him and then says, "Bring her in." Nope. That's not the way it's going to be -- Eugene insists that the police question Lindsay at The Firm. He won't have it any other way.

Bobby's Office Where Lindsay Waits In Pain. Bobby comes barreling into the office with the news that he's just talked to Eugene and Jimmy. He explains how Walsh agreed to take the statement at the office under their terms. He goes on to tell Lindsay that the cops will probably take their statements separately, with the two of them sequestered from one another. Why is he talking to his wife a) like she's a client and b) like she's not a lawyer and doesn't understand police procedure? Honestly. Is that for the benefit of the audience? Because you know what? We get it. We really do. Lindsay says quietly, "You just tell them he was coming toward me when I fired." Bobby looks a little stunned. "He wasn't." She stands up: "In my mind, which is what's relevant --" Her husband interrupts, "Lindsay." He holds his hands up in a whoa-what-are-you-saying gesture. "Let's get something very straight. If we lie and they catch us in a lie, you're dead. The truth supports you here." Blah in fear for her life, blah say what you saw and remembered, blah say nothing more blah. Lindsay: "But if they think I executed him, they'll arrest me." She continues, "Did I execute him?" Rod thinks she snapped. Her eyes well up with tears as she asks, "Are you going to tell them what I said right before I fired?" No. Then, for some reason, Lindsay goes on the attack. Again, she wants Bobby to tell the police that Lannibal was coming toward her. Rod shakes his head and says, "Lindsay." She yells, "I threatened him in the courtroom." Then the conversation goes like bullets back and forth. Rod says that doesn't mean anything. Lindsay says people heard her say that she'd kill him. He tells her to hold on. She tells him to hold on. Then she screams something like Bobby's not the one they are going to arrest. Rod tells her to calm down. Lindsay refuses to "calm down." Then he tells her to "shut up." Because it's okay for married people to speak to each other so rudely. Rod starts lecturing, "Now listen to me. Forensics will show whether the guy was moving. They'll be able to piece together everything that happened. Don't even think about trying to change the facts." He might be arrogant, but he is correct. She's being kind of silly about not telling the whole truth. I can't believe Lindsay is acting so wonky. She's usually so defiant in her righteousness. I guess this is DEK's way of showing us that the poor woman is really out of sorts. Any. Way. Rod says, "Beyond this trial, if there is a trial. You're a wife and a mother. You will never survive this emotionally if you try to lie or cover it up." When did being a wife and a mother become a prerequisite for honest behaviour? And now why does Rod care that she's a wife and mother? Lindsay should tell the truth because it's the right thing to do, not because she's got a baby at home in the closet. Bah. They embrace. Rod says, "Lindsay. You did nothing wrong here." She replies, "I killed a man." Bobby responds, "No. You snapped. You were under extreme stress, oppression, you snapped. That's what happened." I'm not even going to start on the use of "oppression" in that sentence. Bobby continues, "That's what we say." Good to know they have the luxury of defining all of this before they even talk to the cops. No other suspect seems to have that luxury. Lindsay is discouraged. She says softly, "Why can't I remember it?" Rod rubs her shoulder and looks all manly.

Courtroom Of Rodney's Attempts To Maneuver Out From Under His Pain. It's odd how the judge really plays no part in this story. We almost always hear from the judges. Yeah, so Rodney rambles on about how he doesn't deny knowing the victim. Hell, he even introduced her to his parents and to Pugsley. Yawn. Rebecca says, "You introduced her to your family?" Well, he admits that he would have introduced her, if he actually had a family. He turns to the jury, "Orphan at nine." Ah, Little Orphan Pugsley. No wonder he's a mess. Double yawn. How did he meet Nancy Connell? Well, he was driving home and it was late. He saw "this man" assaulting her, and he got out to help her. Rodney is very rambunctious. Apparently, he did a "body block" and knocked the assailant over. The guy promptly took off. Well, despite the fact that Nancy was bleeding a little from the head, Rodney says she was "okay." So, the two of them headed back to his place. That's right. He's turned an assault into a shallow tale a couple of meatheads would talk about in a television locker room. Triple yawn. When Rodney woke up the next day, Nancy was gone. Rebecca clenches her hands together, looks at the jury, and doesn't say anything.

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