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Helen gets up for her cross-examination. She doesn't buy the fact that Rodney just "came across" Nancy at the side of the road and saved her. Helen: "And you also saved the hammer?" Rodney says, "I threw it in the trunk, yeah." He didn't call the police? Nancy didn't want him to call the police. Why? Did she know him? Rodney shrugs, "She didn't say." Helen counters, "Well, surely you discussed this other man?" Rodney responds, "I don't think we did." Helen can't believe that after witnessing the assault, the only thing Rodney was concerned with was taking Nancy back to his place. Yes. You know what Rodney's going to say, and he doesn't disappoint us: "To be honest, the only thing I was concerned with was introducing her to Pugsley." Helen doesn't even blink: "Who's Pugsley?" Rodney says, "My penis." The jury twitters. Anvil gets restless. I send some chocolate under the couch. She loves chocolate. Helen asks if Rodney had sexual relations with Nancy Connell. He grins and replies, "Yes." And the next morning? He throws his hands up in the air. "Gone. It's happened to me before." Helen asks if his one-night stands always steal his car. No. Why didn't he report his car stolen? Rodney says it's because the car had drugs in it and he didn't want to get arrested. Helen says incredulously, "Your car had drugs in it?" He answers politely, "Yes ma'am." Helen reports that the police didn't find any drugs. They found evidence of Nancy Connell's assault, though. Rodney turns to the jury: "Well, the police probably stole the drugs. They do that, and the blood must've come from the hammer." What a great explanation. He's a genius, that Rodney. Pugsley must be a very inspiring member of his tribe. Yawn. Helen just stands there looking at the witness. It was quite a performance.

A fake reporter names Kristine Fine stands on the street outside the office. She explains how several witnesses heard Lindsay threaten to kill Lannibal Hector in court yesterday. I can't believe that all this has happened within a twenty-four-hour period. As the television drones on about how Lindsay is giving her statement, we move inside The Firm. Lucy watches the television just outside the conference room while Detective Mike sits with Eugene, Lindsay, and Walsh. Mike fiddles with the tape recorder and asks, "Did you know it was him when you opened the door?" Lindsay pauses as Eugene sort of gestures to her. Then she says, "No." Walsh is so rude. He says cattily, "I'm sorry. Do you plan to supply the answers?" Eugene responds, "I was reminding her what her answer was. She's still in some shock, Mr. Walsh." Walsh insists that the meeting is worthless if Eugene is to supply, signal, or influence her responses in any way. Lindsay says, "I didn't know who it was. My door doesn't have a peephole." Mike echoes the sentiments of every single human being who watches this show when he asks, "And you just opened it?" Yes. Lindsay says that it ran through her mind that Lannibal might be at the door, but she convinced herself it couldn't be him. She didn't want to spend the rest of her life afraid of opening her front door. Lindsay explains that when she did open the door and saw Lawrence standing there, she backed up, yelled to her husband, and then called the police. Mike says, "Right away?" Yes.

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