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Into Not-So-Thin Air

Client Room Where They Celebrate The Pain Of Others. Bobby closes the door and then sweeps his hand around like a curling broom. Now, they've got their leverage; there's no way they are going to risk Pearce getting on the stand. Bobby: "If he plays dodgeball with me, the DA could argue he's not rehabilitated and seek involuntary confinement. It's civil, but prison is prison." Can we send Rod to jail for Incompetent Mixing Of Metaphors? Now is the time to go back to them. If Pearce will tell the Baldwins where their son is, they can finally bury him in peace. Only Mrs. Baldwin isn't satisfied with that. She wants Pearce to suffer. She wants him in jail for the rest of his life. The Victory Of Vengeance March is all over Pearce rotting in jail. And Mrs. Baldwin wants him to rot.

The Firm. Jimmy is back after his successful sojourn to the track. Eugene sees him come in and calls him into his office. "Shut the door." Eugene turns around as Jimmy gamely says, "What's up?" The bank slip flutters through the air. "What about it?" Eugene grabs it back, asking, "What do you need fifteen thousand dollars for?" Jimmy responds, "I had some expenses on the Peterson case." Nope, Eugene's not buying it. Jimmy confesses that he had a personal emergency, and not to worry, the money's already back in the bank, and did he actually think that Eugene wasn't going to notice the withdrawal -- of course not. Again, Gene's not buying it, so Jimmy confesses the whole sordid truth -- that he jammed himself up with a bookie, and that it's all over now. Eugene: "You took from a client's trust fund. That's theft." The Lump stutters, "It was a one-time situation." He's sorry and wants Eugene to just let it go. No. He won't. It affects the entire firm, and he's going to bring it to Bobby. Jimmy begs him not to, but I'm pretty sure Eugene's mind is already made up.

The Firm, after the last commercials. The next day, Jimmy comes into the office and is greeted by Lucy, who informs him that Eugene is looking for him. Ouch. The cat is out of the bag. Once in Eugene's office, he encounters The Wrath Of Rod. Jimmy: "I paid it back all within six hours." Rod, at the top of his lungs, screams, "By law!" He points down to hell. "We're required to notify the client and the bar." The Lump shakes his head, saying that if Bobby does that, Jimmy's dead. Bobby doesn't care. The whole firm is now on the verge of getting disbarred as a result of Jimmy's indiscretion. This is the eighty thousandth time they've been On The Verge Of Disbarment, and that's this year alone. Jimmy: "Bobby. I could go to jail." Rod spits, "Whose fault is that?" Jimmy steps forward, explaining again that he's done with gambling, that this will never, ever happen again. As with anything, an apology just isn't enough: "I'm supposed to risk everybody's reputation, risk this firm, on the word of an ADDICT!" Jimmy insists he's not an addict. Bobby dismisses him by saying he's due in court. What's going to happen? Rod doesn't know that; he slams the door in a fit of Rod Rage. Yawn. Walking past Eugene on his way out the door, Jimmy says, "Thanks a lot." Like this is all Eugene's fault; way to toss the blame, Jimmy. That's a healthy attitude toward your problem, not taking responsibility. Eugene steps forward and hisses, "This affects everyone. Try to get that, Jimmy." Could it get any worse for the Lump?

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