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Vanished, Part I

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Into Not-So-Thin Air

Damn crappy credits. I would rather be trapped in an elevator with Janice from Friends than listen to this theme song.

The Firm. Rebecca has her hands on her hips and practically shouts, "Wrongful death? For a murder that took place eighteen years ago?" Rod admits it's a long shot. His eyebrows shoot up to show he's serious. Ellenor wants to know what's the "endgame," and I'm pretty sure she's not talking about a Samuel Beckett play. Does Pearce have any assets? It's not about the money, the Emperor explains; the parents want to bury their son. If Bobby can create the threat of a lawsuit, maybe Pearce will reveal where he's stashed the bones. Lindsay looks very unimpressed, but she is wearing a nice camel-coloured business suit. Why is Bobby debriefing everyone in his office? Isn't this what the conference room is for? Ellenor doesn't mean to be insensitive, but she does want to know what their contingency will be. Rod pretty much ignores her and moves right on to the task at hand by ordering his wife to get the police records. Ellenor's charged with researching the statute-of-limitations "issue." She doesn't complain that Bobby doesn't answer the question; she simply submits to his will and moves on. Rebecca and Jimmy are to get started on the complaint. Rod sniffs around for a minute: "Where is Jimmy?" Oh, dude, he's off begging for chump change to pay off Spanky.

Whoosh. Jimmy's cousin Dom hands him a cup of coffee. Their guts are most certainly related. Dom smiles, does the usual "you're my family, let's make pleasant conversation" shtick. Dom tells the Lump he's put on weight, and Jimmy smiles and cracks back, "And you're some fat cat yourself, parking lot king." Dom asks Jimmy to cut to the chase. The Lump explains that he's gotten himself into a financial jam. If this were normal circumstances, Lump would never hit his cousin up for a loan. Damn, Dom's short; he just had to write a sizable check himself, and helping Jimmy depends on how much it'll actually cost him. Jimmy: "I feel sick to my stomach just askin'." Pause. Dom: "You owe your book." Jimmy looks aghast. "You're family! I keep tabs. Plus, I like the ponies myself." How much? Twenty-seven grand. Oh, it's not looking good for the Lump; the timing is bad, and Dom just can't help him. But he's got a tip on a horse running at Suffolk Downs two days from now, and it's a sure thing. Jimmy shakes his head. He's been on too many sure things; that's how he got into this mess in the first place.

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