The Practice
Vanished, Part II

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Guess what? The mother did it.

The Firm. Bobby tells Lindsay to call both the Baldwins and the Tuckers to tell them that they are going before Judge Kenney for allocution and sentencing. They don't have to go, but they can if they want to -- Bobby is on his way right now. As a rushing afterthought, Rod beckons Ellenor to accompany him. The two head off to court. Jimmy: "So this guy is going back to prison." Eugene says, in his monosyllabic way, "Guess. So." Then he walks off toward his office, but changes his mind at the last minute, and asks if Jimmy has any lunch plans. Ah, they're on their way to reconciliation. Hoorah!

Suffering County Courthouse. The Baldwins approach Bobby in the courthouse; he's surprised to see them. Apparently, they were close by when Lucy called them. Mrs. B is kind of shocked that the case is over already. Rod explains that the prosecution and the defense have reached a deal. He goes on to reiterate the whole Pearce-will-be-serving-a-sentence-for-a-crime-he-didn't-commit thing. "Will you really be able to live with that?" Mrs. B is cold: "John Pearce is a two-time child molester." Pause. Except that he was convicted three times, but who's really counting anyway. "Whether or not he actually kidnapped Chad." Bobby says he's served his time for his crime. Mrs. B doesn't care. She's not going to lose any sleep over Pearce spending another seven years in the slammer. This is her time to shine. She can turn the world on with a smile. She just wants to make up for eighteen lost years with her baby. Rod nods, but he's not happy with their decision. Right then, JC and Allison come out of the elevator and join the group. JC can't believe it's really over. Mrs. B wants to see Allison in private for a minute. The Emperor insists that he's going with them. The three enter a witness room, where Mrs. B asks if Allison kidnapped her son. Allison is quiet. Mrs. B would appreciate an answer. Allison insists that she raised JC, and that she is his mother. Mrs. B: "Well, then, as his mother you'll understand my rage like only a mother can." The Angry Mother March bops away in the background as Mrs. B continues her barrage: "I will get along with you because I have to. I will welcome you into my home. I will sit across a dinner table. I will welcome you in my life to keep James in my life." But she will never, ever forgive Allison for what she did, and Allison can understand that because she is a mother too. Ellenor pops her head in to break the tension: "The court's in session." Come on, dysfunctional gang! Let's jump right in there.

Suffering County Courthouse. The plea is entered. Pearce accepts his responsibility and waives his right to an appeal. He says, "Yes. Your Honour, I understand it all." Damn, I feel bad for that man. I know he has a horrible, unforgivable problem, but those people are all damn selfish for letting him spend another seven years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. With that, they take Pearce into custody and the judge adjourns the session. Allison looks pleased with herself. Pearce looks like he's about to kill her. As they lead him out of the courtroom, he stares at her like he's Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. She doesn't flinch, but Ellenor does as she witnesses the whole seedy scene, and so does the Emperor, who silently vows to get even.

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