The Practice
Vanished, Part II

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Guess what? The mother did it.

Bobby's Office Where They Mediate Pain. JC is there with his mother. With his jacket off and his hands intact, Bobby sits down in front of JC, explaining that if he really is Chad Baldwin, the truth will come out. Ellenor reminds Allison Tucker that she'll be considered a suspect. Blah she kept the child, blah she never contacted the police, blah she'll be considered an accessory after the fact. Allison: "I thought he was Pearce's son." Well, even if that does turn out to be the truth, hiding from the police will only make them think Allison is lying. Allison: "So what are you suggesting we do?" If JC is the Baldwins' long lost son, Bobby wants to go to the DA and make a deal. He'll spin the big wheel, and Ellenor will turn the letters. Rod's also hopeful that the DA's office will give Allison "Oops, I Stole Your Baby" Tucker immunity in exchange for John Pearce on a platter. JC whines, "Can you promise she'll be protected?" No. Rod might be mighty, but he's certainly not on the DA's payroll. Lucy interrupts their meeting to tell the Emperor that the lab is on the line. Cue wallowing, willowy, watery music as Bobby jumps up and picks up the phone. "Send me the report." Pause. "Thank you." Pause. "Well, it seems you're Chad Baldwin." All of you out there who didn't see this coming, please raise your hands. Right. Absolutely no one; that's what I thought. It's a wonder of all wonders that JC is, in fact, Chad Baldwin. Yawn. Cough. Splutter. Yawn. Damn bronchitis.

The Baldwin Manor of Missing Children. Bobby smiles. And then he launches into telling the Baldwins that the blood test is conclusive and Chad's not dead after all. The Baldwins are in shock. They embrace. They weep. Ellenor looks pleased. Mr. Baldwin asks, "When can we see him?" Well, JC wants to do it at the office, because having your lawyers present when you meet your birth parents is always a consideration. Blah. Mrs. Baldwin sits down because she's "shaking." Mr. Baldwin launches right into his Streak Of Vengeance: "And this woman is willing to testify against Pearce? We can finally put him behind bars." Except didn't he just get out of jail? Did the man not just spend a good stretch in the slammer for his molestation charges? What. Ever. Okay. What happens to all the furniture they buy for these fake house sets? Do you think they'd send me a couch just for putting up with the lack of continuity and the stupid, redundant speeches? Bobby explains that Allison Tucker would like to testify, but that she could change her mind at the last second and plead the Fifth. "Why would she do that?" Well, James is afraid his mother might be charged with something. Mr. Baldwin: "James?" Ellenor says softly, "That's his name." Mr. Baldwin is nonplussed; he's on that whole Tear Of Non-Tolerance thingy: "Here's what we want. We want our son back. And we want the man who kidnapped him punished." Ellenor makes sure she understands what he's saying: "And you're willing to not punish her?" Of course Rod doesn't wait for the answer, because he waits for no one; he states that he'd like to go to the DA, tell her the victims are in favour of granting Allison Tucker immunity, unite JC with his parents, and slap Pearce back into the system. It's so good that they're so humane, this bunch. You'd think that Pearce was a Protestant, this was England during the reign of Bloody Mary, and he was about to be burned as a heretic.

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