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Vanished, Part II

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Guess what? The mother did it.

Helen's Office Where They Delineate Truthful Pain. Allison explains that she was working in Brockton as a waitress; she was folding some clothes at a laundromat and met Pearce, who was with JC. Blah they became friends, blah James was his son, blah they were living in a camper, blah. Pearce lied about his name, called himself Chris Stephenson. Blah Pearce was on the news, blah we figured it all out. Hunky DA, delightful as always, holds a pad of paper and stands next to Helen, Slinky DA's desk. He asks, "Do you recall the name of the laundromat?" She thinks it was on Crescent, near the railroad tracks. Helen: "How did you end up with James permanently?" Blah Pearce had to go away, blah he asked if she could watch James, blah of course she agreed. How long was Pearce going to be gone? Three or four days. Only he never came back. Helen: "When did it occur to you he might not be coming back at all." Not until a few months later; she thought about going to the police, but she didn't want JC to end up in a foster home. Helen looks out from her under her mud-caked eyes to ask JC if he remembers any of these events. No. In fact, he doesn't even remember being Chad Baldwin.

DA's Conference Room. The music starts as soon as Hunky DA throws open the door and thrusts himself into the room. He's cute. Helen wants to know if he believes Allison. He doesn't know. Blah it's hard to swallow that she didn't have at least a little inkling that the kid was kidnapped, but she probably didn't want to know. He sits his pretty little ass down on the table facing Helen. "Did you check her out?" Yes. Her employment record and the laundry scene both pan out, and Allison has no criminal record. Twinkle. Twinkle. Allison is a regular Mrs. Cleaver: she's a wonderful mother and neighbour. Well, Hunk argues, Allison left the situation better than she found it by taking JC out of the hands of a child molester. Blah she should have come forward blah. Hunky DA: "Look. Our endgame is to get Pearce. She can help us do that." Should Helen make the deal? Yes. He thinks she should make the deal.

The Firm. Bobby is very excited. "We're in!" he shouts. Only this means they're going to go forward, as early as tomorrow, at the probable cause hearing. Whew -- JC breathes a sigh of relief knowing that his mother will not be prosecuted or punished. Bobby sits down. "Allison, you have to understand this is going to be an ugly battle." Blah the defense attorney will come after you with everything she's got, blah you've got to be prepared, blah. She's in for a nasty few months. Allison takes a deep breath and says, "Okay." JC asks if they are going to arrest John Pearce. Rod replies that the police are doing that as they speak. Just then, Lucy and her brooch knock on the door, then enter and announce that the Baldwins are in the office now. The Symphony Of Resurrected Families preens away in the background. Bobby asks if JC and Allison would like them to leave. No, he stutters, and then says it's okay, it's okay. Bobby orders Lucy to show the Baldwins in, and the music rises, eyes flood with tears, and the reunion is complete. Mrs. B smiles, says, "Chad?" He says, "Hello." Then he breathes really hard, and she embraces him. Allison seethes just behind them. Mr. B says, "Hello, son." JC mumbles, "Hey. Dad." And he too embraces the young man. Mr. and Mrs. B can't believe this day finally came. Mrs. B turns to Allison and grins, "Thank you so much for bringing him back." Ellenor gets weepy. Bobby smiles, leads the group in a rousing chorus of "We Are Family," and then everyone does the wave. We mercifully head into commercials.

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