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Vanished, Part II

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Guess what? The mother did it.

Speaking of which, we're in jail with Henrietta the Humble and her client. Pearce shouts, "No!" He didn't do it, and won't say that he did. Helen and Hunky DA face them like a firing squad. This is a one-time offer. Pearce is between a rock and hard place. They're offering him a way out before the case even goes to trial. Again, Pearce asserts he didn't do it. Yes, he knew Allison, but he never took JC from his mother. Blah she's trying to frame him blah. Helen's not buying it. I hate it when they use Hunky DA for window dressing. Pearce doesn't know what's going on. Again, he insists that he knew Allison but he didn't take the boy. The DA gives him until tomorrow to accept the deal; come on, reckless endangerment is a gift when he's staring down the barrel of a kidnapping rap. Hunky DA threatens, "And I hope you turn it down because I love to go after guys who go after kids." Just take him out, brand him, and burn him already. Enough of this crap; someone tell poor Pearce that he's done his time and now needs to work hard to reform his life so he doesn't end up hurting more kids.

The Firm. Mrs. B says incredulously, "She did it?" Bobby thinks so. Mr. B shakes his head. "Does James know?" Ellenor says JC believes his mother's version of the events. Mrs. B buries her head in her hands. Mr. B wants to know where this leaves them. Rod wants to tell the DA but, you know, that whole "Allison is still a client" thing is sort of hanging over their heads. "Before we do anything we thought we'd get your reaction to it all." Ah, Rod is so dedicated to fair play this year. Not. Mr. B wants to know why Allison would come forward and expose herself. Blah it was JC's idea, blah there was nothing she could do, blah we can't prove it, and blah this is where we are. Mr. B doesn't want them to tell the district attorney. Bobby scrunches up his eyebrows. Why? Because it'll turn JC against both Bobby and the Baldwins. Whether or not they like Allison, she controls the Baldwins' relationship with their son. Ellenor: "A man stands to be convicted for a crime he didn't commit!" Well, Mrs. B argues, the police might find out the new information by themselves. Except that when Helen settles the case, the file will be closed and no one will be investigating anything. Mrs. B agrees with her husband. They need to have a relationship with their son. Bobby wants to tell JC that Allison is the one who kidnapped him. Maybe, that way, he'd sever his relationship with her and they'd all be in the clear. Perhaps, but Mr. B knows they can't prove anything. The Firm asked for their thoughts, and as their clients, the Baldwins direct The Firm to keep their big traps shut.

Helen's Office. Henrietta the Hasty tells Helen that Pearce maintains his innocence. Again, Hunky DA is perched by Helen's filing cabinets with his cute hands tucked into his cute pockets. "Come on, Henrietta," Helen says, "it's not about what you tell me, it's about what you tell him." If this goes to trial, Pearce doesn't have a chance in hell of not being convicted. Hen insists she can't make Pearce take a deal. Hunky DA: "Make him see reality." Henrietta wants six years. Helen tells her to sell seven.

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