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The Punishment Lighter

Silas is in the kitchen on the phone, telling whoever's on the other end to stop sending catalogs to Judah Botwin, as he's dead. He tells Lupita so throw out all the junk mail addressed to Judah, presumably so Nancy doesn't have to see it. Lupita kindly says she will. Silas then tells Nancy, who's just walking in, that he'll be at Megan's tonight. He says Megan's dad loves having him over, what with his having three daughters and all. "He's teaching me to box," he says. Nancy says that's just so he can remind Silas he can kick his ass. Niiiice foreshadowing, there. Lupita hands Nancy a gift box from Alejandro. She doesn't understand the gifting progression here, from pennies to now panties. Nancy guiltily tells her to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Shane rifling through Silas's desk, checks out a copy if his "Position Of The Day Playbook" (hee -- the illustrations look like an in-flight emergency manual), and pockets a lighter before Silas comes by and shoves him away.

Andy snoozily wanders into the kitchen, where Nancy reminds him that he's late for the grand opening of the bakery. Andy feels that, since it's not so much a bakery as a "fakery," he doesn't so much need to be punctual. Nancy thinks the "fakery" part will be glaringly obvious if he doesn't get his ass down there. Nancy's day is booked solid, between taking Shane to school, going to Heylia's, getting the drop to Sanjay, etc. Speaking of Shane, his doctor wants to put him on anti-depressants, which Andy is adamantly against. He's totally cool with illegal drugs -- weed makes you happy and horny, and in Nancy's case, financially solvent -- but that prescription shit "fries your brain." Nancy brings up the foot-biting, but Andy says Shane's ten and his dad just died -- medicating him so he can't feel anything would be fucked up. Andy says he took Celexa when his ferret died -- he gained 40 pounds and couldn't ejaculate. Nancy's like, "Okay, fuck off, for one," and also the doctor says it's only temporary until his "neurotransmitters realign themselves or some shit like that." Andy reiterates that antidepressants are evil. Shane bounds in and tells Andy to speak for himself -- maybe he wants the drugs. He cites a girl in his class who took Zoloft so she wouldn't cut herself, "and now she's in a band!" Andy asks whether she can ejaculate. Shane urges his mom to "Say 'yes' to drugs," which of course makes Nancy all the more concerned.

Celia's at the doctor's office for her chemo appointment. She's hooked up to an IV, head as bald as Britney, while Dean reads the "Agrestic Cryer" and bitches about the local golf course getting sold to neighboring Summer Canyon. Two doctors pass by, gabbing about Survivor and Fear Factor and virtually ignoring Celia. After trying and failing to get their attention, Celia pulls the IV out of her arm and walks out.

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