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The Road Rules Inner Circle came to a decision quickly. Hollywick comments that they have to wait for the RW team to finish before they can leave. Hollywick asks what happened to the RW team's deal to get rid of the lowest-scoring team. Someone else says that they just wanted to get rid of Stephen so badly that their pact went out the window. Hollywick snarks, "They should just do it." Now, now! That's not very Christian of her! What would the Big Guy say? Sean leaves to go tell Eric and Mark that a decision has been reached. Coral gives Kelley a big hug.

Eric and Mark tell the assembled contestants that they just want to announce the decisions quickly since it's the worst part of the night. Eric asks for a representative from RW. The Inner Circle walks up onto the stage, with NY Mike as their elected representative. NY Mike blathers on and on that they are a family, and that it was such a tough decision. If I were the elected representative, I would stand up and just shout out the booted contestants' names and then run away. The stupid speeches they give are useless. NY Mike kind of mumbles "Stephen and Lindsay," and then adds, "You to go." Hee! That's eloquence. Jisela and ADDam look sad for some reason. Stephen has a big grin on his face.

In an interview, Stephen says, "These people suck really bad. They're dishonest and they're rotten at the heart." In an interview, Flora says that the decision was wacked (whacked?), and that she and Miami Mike should have been voted off because they had the lowest points. Flora! She spoke! And voiced an unpopular opinion! It's like coming home.

The RR Inner Circle stands up to announce their decision. Before Emily can even get the words out of her mouth, Belounatic bounces up to the stage yelling about how happy she is. She really is like a freaky monkey. She hugs Emily and everyone applauds. Belounatic and Chris were voted out. In an interview, Chris says that he knew that he and Belounatic were in last place, and he knew it was their time to go.

The Sad Piano of Stephen's Insanity plays as Stephen stands up and starts to walk out of the room. Norm gives him a quick handshake, and Stephen says, "I told you!" I brace with anticipation for Stephen's impending breakdown, where he starts screaming at people, and possibly, slapping someone. Stephen says that it's okay, and that "trust is a big thing." Stephen says he's going to go home feeling just fine. He walks out of the room. In an interview, Stephen says that his team made a rule that the last-place team would be voted off, and the Inner Circle broke the rules. In an interview, Norm says that, in his mind, their one shot at beating RR just dropped tremendously. Because Stephen is such a point-winner? Like in the last contest where he got, like, three points? I'm just frustrated that they aren't showing us any explanations -- just people taking sides without any background on why they feel that way. I think Norm is a fairly intelligent fellow, and I'm sure he has reasons for wanting Stephen around, but damned if I know what they are. Is it more that he's disappointed that the pact was broken? Or that Stephen and Lindsay are tough competitors? Maybe he picked Stephen in the Fantasy Challenge, and now he won't win the Saturn? Who knows?

Norm stands up and says it's not right that Stephen was voted off. Lindsay continues her battered-wife defense, except now she's defending the Inner Circle instead of Stephen. She says that someone had to be voted off. Behind her, the RR team does a really loud cheer, as if to underscore how the situation has changed. Remember, it was only one vote earlier that the RW team happily got rid of Sharon and London Mike while the RR team was in a shambles while announcing the dismissal of Chadwick and Piggy.

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