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The next morning, Holly Not Wick reads the message from her Nokia phone. Their next challenge begins at 2 PM, and they are supposed to wear sneakers. Moments later, the contestants assemble. Mark and Eric come screaming up on the girliest motor scooters ever, and announce that today's challenge will be called "Slam Dunk." Everyone exclaims over the name, and the fact that there is a giant scaffolding-type tower standing there. But we shall have to wait to find out what the challenge entails until after the lengthy, lengthy commercials, which are a viewer's bane, but a recapper's blessing.

When we return, Mark once again tells us that the challenge is called "Slam Dunk." In an interview, Norm says that he has a great fear of bungee-jumping. Mark says that the winning team members each win a scooter. In an interview, Tim says that the objective of this mission is to bungee-jump from a platform while strapped to your teammate, and while in mid-air, try to toss a basketball into a hoop floating in a pool below you. Eric points out that there are different-colored hoops, which have varying amounts of points attached to them. I would run it down here, but as you shall shortly see, it really doesn't matter in the end. Timmy has stuffed two basketballs into his shirt to make it look like he has big boobs. Well, at least he's trying to liven things up a bit. Flora asks what happens if you don't make a basket. Everyone tells her that you don't get any points in that case. Flora asks hopefully if they could at least get one point for jumping at all. In an interview, Miami Mike says that he and Flora are in last place, so this competition is "do or die." Jisela and ADDam hug. In an interview, ADDam says that they are also in last place, so they need to get some points.

Dan and Tara practice for the competition by standing on the curb and stepping off. I don't understand exactly how that's going to help, but whatever. In an interview, Tara says she's worried that Josh and Holly will make the Inner Circle instead of her own team. Josh and Holly are also practicing stepping off the curb, except that their method includes a little hop. In an interview, Dan says that he thinks that his team is equal to Josh and Holly's team.

NY Mike and Coral get strapped into the bungee harness and discuss how confident they are feeling. They step onto a lift and start ascending the tower. Their team members cheer them on, so apparently their team unity has returned. Coral starts to get freaked out. NY Mike helps her to breathe and get calmed down. He keeps telling her to keep her eye on the basket during the jump. Finally, they jump off and toss their balls (hee!) toward the basket, missing entirely. In an interview, NY Mike says that he kept his eye on the basket the whole time and didn't even come close.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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