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Bugging Out

New day. Robin and Ashli apologize to one another. Ashli really regrets saying those terribly mean things about Robin. Like the thing about 30 years? Shhh, let's us never speak those numerals again.

Hey Army! Airdrop. Ev earnestly volunteers to go swim to get it and runs into the waves like the weird little soldier she is. Jenn gives Tyrie a hard time about not ever swimming out. He complains about her complaining in an interview. Robin calls out from the shore that there are maybe POLES! STRIPPER POLES! in the box. The box comes ashore and it contains steaks. At first they are confused. But then they realize: it's for Gin & Steaks! Steak Gimlets! Yes!

Dan interviews that he enjoys trying to figure out how the boat will be put together. He indicates he wants to put "a little bit" in his head, to make sure that when it's the end, he has "somewhat of a plan" in his head, and that it's not just "a cluster." That was entirely too vivid a glimpse into Dan's mind.

They also got an uncharged phone again, so that goes around. Derrick calls his pregnant wife, which is just some foreshadowing for how fucking sweet he gets later on in the episode. Ashli hobbles back in and declares she got four stitches and isn't supposed to walk for a week. Dunbar interviews that she never did contribute much, so now with this cut foot, she's just another mouth to feed. Dunbar doesn't appear to get that he has just begged a major question: what the hell are any of them ever even doing and how could anyone possibly "contribute" to it? Kenny wants her to quit. She doesn't know what to do.

Later that night, Dunbar is handling the meat. Ashli makes a comment and he yells at her, telling her to quit hogging the food and go home already. Ashli hobbles off, and then interviews that Dunbar irritates her so much that every time he opens his mouth she wants to shoot herself in the face. Sometimes, these girls make me want to cry. They're always saying things like that. "That guy is such a jerk, I want to kill myself." "He said so many mean things, I just wanted to go puke my dinner into the pit toilet." Dunbar declares that he thinks Ashli should just die. Dunbar is acting psychotic. He claims it's because he's hungry. I say it's because of Grandpa Funny Fingers.

Commercials. It's meat time! Bananas has the Joe Pesci line delivery dialed up to eleven as he celebrates that "Its red, its juicy, its delicious." Dunbar is sad that he only gets a tiny bit of meat. Just pretend it's 1864, Dunbar, and all your slaves have fled your plantation and you're making do with that boney old milk cow and those heavy old curtains.

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