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Lobster Boys and Girls

The teams gear up for the contest. In an interview, Emily says that her team is coming off a loss, so they really have to get pumped up to win. The teams line up side by side behind a table with a bunch of lobsters on it. Andrew announces that there is a catch -- the teams will all be tied together at the wrist. He encourages them to "chew the tails good" because they don't want anyone to choke, but if they do, they have a guy standing by with a sharp pocketknife to do emergency tracheotomies. Ha! This guy's like the Lobster Stand Up King. Ayanna nods sagely. Each player gets a lobster bib. James couldn't just use his from last night? Andrew asks if each team is ready, but before he can say go, we go to break.

And we're back. There are five minutes on the clock. Both teams chow down. Syrrhosis shoves some in Rebecca's mouth, despite the fact that there are like two people in between them. In an interview, Dan says that the lobsters are "lukewarm" and have "watery stuff coming out of them." Sorry, Mr. Bon Appetit. He claims you have to just "shove them in your mouth," and you can insert your own joke here. In an interview, Ayanna says that Emily wanted to shove "a big tail in [Ayanna's] grill" and they cut to a funny shot of Ayanna with her cheeks puffed out, looking like she's about to blow. In an interview, Rebecca says that Kameelah's cheeks were "puffed out about eight inches," and there was "green gook going all over the place." We see a shot of a bunch of empty lobster shells. Julie has like a claw hanging out of her mouth. Andrew counts down the last five seconds. The judges start to count the empty shells. Syrrhosis puts a lobster in his mouth and says, "Whassssuuuuuup!" I'll forgive him the outdated reference since this was filmed last year. Syrrhosis claims that he won't ever go near a lobster again. Andrew announces that the winner, with twenty-nine lobsters, is the Real World team. Wow. That's almost five lobsters each in five minutes. They jump up and down and cheer. Andrew announces that the Road Rules team finished with twenty-eight lobsters. Ooh, only lost by one. That's harsh. Laterrian looks like he's about to spew. In an interview, Ayanna says that she doesn't understand why her team didn't win, because "[her] belly says that [they]'ve eaten more than the Real World." I'm not sure why the contents of her stomach somehow speak for her entire team -- I mean, it's possible that she ate twenty of their twenty-eight lobsters, and they still wouldn't win.

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