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Cease Fire

Melissa reminds Kameelah that she claimed the women on her team were tougher than the women on the opposing team. Is that a question? Kameelah says that the women on her team are really strong. Which is pretty much what Melissa just said.

Mark turns the focus to the Road Rules team, asking them what happened. I don't know what Emily did to her hair, but it's not good. Her head looks like an anchor. She's such a pretty girl. Why does she make herself ugly like that? Anyway, James claims that his team threw the Challenge for bookies, which is actually a pretty funny answer. I mean, how do you answer that question? James claims that Susie is the most athletic person on the team, and was just faking it on the Tough Man challenge, because she had a hangover. Everyone laughs. Susie plays along. Who knew James could be funny intentionally? Mark forges on to the next question, asking whether there was ever a time when they just gave up on the mission because it was "BS." Laterrian answers no, and says that he would carry the rest of the team if he had to. James interrupts Laterrian to mumble, "Judge Mills Lane?" Laterrian laughs and says, "First of all, fuck you." But he's kidding around. Sort of. Rebecca laughs and looks shocked, all at the same time. The crowd goes wild. Mark says, "It's getting crispy in here already." James mimes pulling a knife out of his back and handing it back to Laterrian. All right, James. Enough. You were funny for a minute. Let it go. Melissa points out the lack of team unity, and Jamie agrees. Mark asks Emily the question about wanting to quit. Emily deadpans, "Not until about day four."

Mark specifically asks James and Emily about the RW team "bending the rules." Julie looks shocked at the question. Shut up, Julie. Also, put your shoes back on. No one wants to see your bare feet. James says that it's like when you're playing Monopoly and your opponent tries to put two hotels on the same property. It's not against the rules per se, but it's still cheating. Actually, the official rules of Monopoly do state that you can have only one hotel per property, but I see where he's going with this. James thinks it's a matter of "ethics, man! Ethics!" Everyone laughs. Melissa says that Emily "was very honest," and asks whether Emily had "a problem with our little precious Julie here?" Melissa, did you watch the season? Because anyone would have had a problem with Julie, based on the way she acted. Emily says that "it was hard to like Julie because [they] were on opposite teams," and that they are both competitive people. That was a fairly tactful answer. We keep getting reaction shots of Julie looking innocent and incredulous. Melissa asks Julie how she worked it out. Julie replies, "I just, you know, won. I won. The mayor said that I won." Actually, that's not what the mayor said at all. Susie looks indignant. Melissa asks whether Emily and Julie are "on good terms," because we have to get the Bunim-Murray mandated closure to each story line. Julie says yes, and adds that she has more money; Melissa echoes the "more money" thing and it's incredibly uncomfortable because Emily still hasn't said that she likes Julie, and I don't blame her.

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