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Cease Fire

Mark breaks in, and asks how losing Ayanna affected the team. Oh, now we've gone from kind of awkward to completely awkward. Nice one, Mark. Laterrian says that he wouldn't have picked anyone but Susie to come on the team as Susie mimes shooting herself in the mouth, for some reason. Laterrian says that "in a physical sense," Ayanna would run eight miles every morning, and would have been a big asset to the team. Emily agrees. Laterrian continues, saying that on a personal level, he would have enjoyed having Ayanna around on the bus, because she challenged his ways of thinking, and when she left, he "became stagnant." Ayanna wipes away a tear. The audience goes, "Awww."

Melissa announces Andrew, an audience member with a question. Andrew asks Julie how her relationship with her dad is now, compared to how it was before she was on The Real World. Julie answers that her relationship with her dad was "so great," until the Fetish Fashion Show aired. Everyone laughs, and Julie says that her dad is actually really supportive. Mark follows up, asking whether their relationship has changed in a positive way. Julie says that she's growing up, and starts crying, while claiming that she doesn't cry all the time. Julie says that everything happens for a reason, and that she's been "so blessed," and has gained respect for her family, and learned that she needs "to be humbled in a lot of ways." I'll say. Everyone applauds. Mark takes us to break, and we see clips of Julie cheating while rappelling as James talks about the RW team's lack of honor.

As we return from commercials, we see a rehash of the whole Christian-Ayanna incident that resulted in Ayanna's getting kicked off the show. The studio audience cheers, which makes it look like they were cheering Ayanna's leaving, and maybe they were. Mark and Melissa welcome us back. Melissa says that we never saw on camera what actually happened between Ayanna and Christian, and asks Ayanna to tell us what happened. Ayanna says that she heard Christian make a comment, and confronted him. She asked him to get out of her face, and he didn't, so she "punched him." She repeats that she hit him a few more times. There is uncomfortable laughter and "ooooh"s. Melissa, no stranger to racial tension, asks Syrus whether he was offended by Christian's joking. I don't know why she didn't ask Laterrian, since he was there, and Syrus wasn't. Syrus babbles something to the effect that he "would have handled it a little differently." Mark asks Christian why he still wanted Ayanna to stay after the incident. Christian replies that he thought Ayanna's leaving was "a bigger loss to the team spirit." Mark asks whether this is the first time the two have seen each other since Ayanna left the show. They both say that it is. Mark asks whether they've had a chance to talk. Ayanna shakes her head no and says, "Not much. A little." Mark asks whether they're on "okay terms." Christian looks to Ayanna to answer that one. Ayanna says that everything happened quickly (although she doesn't say it very quickly -- she stretches it out for about three minutes), so she didn't have time to "marinate and go through sorries." Ayanna adds that she's not sorry to this day, and that they never had time as a group to sit down and work things out. Christian nods in agreement.

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