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Mark asks Christian how he feels about the incident now, and what he's learned from it. Christian says that if he was offered the chance to do the trip again, knowing that "a very nice girl like Ayanna" was going to be kicked off the show, he wouldn't do it. Christian continues by saying that it was "a horrible thing," and "surreal," and apologizes to Ayanna. The crowd applauds and Ayanna smiles. Melissa asks Ayanna what happened when she went home. Ayanna says that she had some family members "pass on," and so the experiences on the show "took a complete back burner" in her life. Ayanna addresses Christian and explains that when she says she's not sorry, she means that she's "not sorry for [her] reaction." Kameelah looks on, like, "Mmm-hmmm." Ayanna basically blames the whole thing on Christian for starting it, and says that she is sorry for the way the whole thing played out. Of course she is! She got kicked off! Ayanna tells Christian that she "highly doubts that [he's] an evil person." Believe me, I'm sure the editors do all they can to make people look evil, and Christian still came off as lovable. Ayanna tries to make the point that racism "runs deep" for people. Wow, really? Thank you for telling me that. That whole speech took a minute and a half, which may not seem like much, but it was interminable to watch. Especially because she is still disavowing any responsibility for the whole thing. Melissa follows up by asking Ayanna whether she knows that Christian didn't mean it in a hurtful way. Ayanna says she knows that now, but that she didn't at the time. She also says that her buttons were pushed, and that she doesn't apologize for being herself. Except it takes her over a minute to say that. And no one interrupts her. Or calls her on how ridiculous her statements are. Sigh. This is one of the times when, as much as I like Melissa and (to a lesser degree) Mark, I wish they had an actual journalist doing the interviews, who would follow up. Although I really don't want to hear Ayanna talk anymore, so I guess it's a mixed blessing.

Melissa introduces Caroline from the studio audience, who asks the entire cast whether there were any other attractions between the cast besides the one between James and Rebecca. Emily gracefully deflects the question by saying that when you're on the road with such attractive people, you do check each other out, but she doesn't think anyone acted on it, and if they did, "they were damn sneaky about it!" James laughs and says, "Nobody's going to answer that question."

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