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Cease Fire

Jennie from the studio audience asks Rebecca where she learned to spit like that. Rebecca says that she has no idea, and that she's "not a spitter." James, who is sitting next to her, bursts out laughing. Everyone starts laughing. Rebecca realizes what she just said, puts her head in her hands, and turns bright red. Everyone applauds. Mark takes that opportunity to take us to commercial.

As we return from commercial, we see a montage of the best (worst?) of the Rebecca/James relationship. Melissa and Mark welcome us back. Melissa reads an email from a viewer who wants to know whether Rebecca and James stayed close after the show was done taping. Rebecca tells James to answer the question, which he gladly does. James says that they live on opposite coasts of the country, but he thinks they are still "really close," even though it gets "tedious sometimes" because Rebecca is busy "being a rock star" and James doesn't "have a life." Um, bitter much? I'll decode that for you. Rebecca is trying to blow James off, and he keeps calling her and leaving messages on her voicemail. James says that they still "hang out in that romantic sense," and that he still has "feelings for her the way [he] did." Note that Rebecca doesn't jump right in to say that she still has feelings for him. Mark asks Rebecca what she saw in James, and everyone laughs. Rebecca says that James has "a really good heart," and that it's hard to meet people like that.

Melissa feels bad for James and Rebecca, since he obviously is still in love with her and she wants nothing to do with him, so she asks Dan about his attraction to James. Dan smirks as Mark makes fun of the terms of their bet, which would have involved running around naked. Dan blushes and starts to answer, but Syrus interrupts and says that he'll answer because he knows what Dan is thinking. Dan would love to hear what Syrus has to say, and Syrus says that James is "a hottie." The girls in the audience scream. I groan. Somewhere, Theo cries.

Melissa asks Syrus what he thinks about Dan, since he was sucking on Dan's toes at the Fetish Fashion Show. The audience laughs. Mark yells out, "Le Tigre! Le Tigre!" Syrus corrects his pronunciation, but never answers the question. Mark asks Julie her feelings on the subject, and Julie says, "It's all good." Mark asks Julie whether she ever considered not doing the mission. Julie says that her team had a "no excuses" policy, and vowed at the beginning that they would all do every mission. Plus, she says, she "kind of liked it -- no!" Therapy, Julie. And I've said it before, but I'll say it again -- a vibrator. Buy one. Mark says, "Julie went from Mickey Mouse Club to the Strip Club!" Shut up, Mark. Don't encourage her.

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