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Cease Fire

Mark reads another "Fact or Fiction," which asks whether there was a Challenge written that the teams were too scared to do. Dan yells that he was the one who was too scared to do it. Jamie explains that they were supposed to be "human skeets, like in a skeet-shooting contest." Dan keeps interrupting to say that he would have been the skeet, and everyone would have been shooting at him. He would have been catapulted into the air and shot at, and he refused to do it.

Melissa asks what they spent their money on. Syrus says that gave his car to his mom. Aw. Dan says that he put his into the stock market, and now it's all gone. Heh. Oh, that's not funny. (Hee!) Julie says that she hasn't touched hers yet, and plugs her website, and then says that she'll buy a drum set.

Mark asks the RR team members what they did with their money, and jokes that they each got five dollars. Emily says that she paid her phone bill. Michelle says that she had dinner at Chili's. Christian says he bought a new key ring. Ladies and gentlemen, Team Road Rules! They'll be here all week!

Ayanna says that Christian is donating money to a theater organization on her campus. Everyone claps for Christian. Mark asks Christian why he is doing it. Christian replies that, during the Rollerball mission, he told Ayanna he wanted to do something to help her, and that's what she picked. Christian says that he would have done the show without the money, and that a lot of "kids around the country" would have wanted to have the experience without the money, so he didn't have a problem giving it up. Christian is such a good person. A pushover, but a good person.

Mark asks them what they will take from the experience. Rebecca says that she met "some of the most wonderful people on the planet," and that she didn't get as much out of her roommates on The Real World. Everyone claps for Rebecca's crappy Seattle cast. Mark and Melissa thank us for watching, and plug the upcoming seasons of The Real World and Road Rules. Oh, I'll be there. And...we're out.

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