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I love how Aneesa has crafted this "intimidating athlete" persona for herself, because she is totally not a good athlete, she's just a zaftig brute. The girls start; this is basically just a grappling/wrestling challenge. Brad thinks it looks pretty even. Evan thinks Aneesa looks like a Mad Max crazy screaming lesbian. Aneesa gets one of Paula's hooks, so she's up a point. Aneesa interviews about how she is the aggressor, and just as they start the second round we cut to commercials.

We come back and Aneesa wins, though Paula does make a valiant leap toward hooking one of Aneesa's rings onto the thingy. (What the hell am I talking about?). Paula isn't mad at anyone but herself. She says her goodbyes. Evan interviews that the game pulled him and Paula apart, and he doesn't know if they'll be friends at home again. Paula doesn't like the person the game was turning her into. You know what I don't like? That I had to sit through that endless nonsense about Paula and Dunbar.

Back at the house, MJ is happy. Evan is worried. Brad is giving us his Intense EyeBalls to relate how intense the competition is getting. Then he declaims a bit: "I think you just have to let the currents fall where they do, whatever happens happens, things were meant to be." Dude, if the currents are "falling"? I think we have an environmental disaster on our hands.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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