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Downward Spiral

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Downward Spiral

The Torture Master announces that the first game will be a "scrap-eating contest." Apparently, Kameelah hadn't earned her Exposition Payment for the week yet, so she pops up and says that the other games will be an eel bath, a "needle in a haystack," and a bug spitting contest. Flash back to the Torture Master, who says "bug spitting contest," and Julie and Kameelah scream and jump around. Sigh. In an interview, Syrus tells us that they will win coins for each contest, and there is a total of twelve coins up for grabs. Syrus wants to win seven coins right away and end the whole thing. Please. Also, why do they even bother with the Mission Mayors if they're going to have the cast members explain the whole thing anyway?

In an interview, Emily explains that they were given a list with the four different contests, and they got to pick who on the other team would do each event. We see each team writing names on a clipboard. Rebecca feels bad about what they're doing. Finally, the assignments are complete, and the teams gather for the first contest.

The first task will be "Scrap Eating." We see a dish of some disgusting-looking things. I'm not entirely sure that it's food. It might be poop. I'm just saying. Also, given that it's Europe, wouldn't you be afraid of all the meat-borne diseases? Because the food looks like it hasn't been cooked. Kameelah examines one of the dishes, sniffing a piece of something that might be a joint or cartilage. In an interview, Kameelah says that you can't figure out what animal parts are in the dish, "except for the brain, which is very, very obvious." Everyone stands around and examines the dishes. The Torture Master (and I can't believe I'm actually calling him that, but I'm still hoping there will be some actual torture involved) announces that Dan, Rebecca, and Julie will be competing for the RW team. When Dan's name is announced, he looks sick and rolls his eyes halfway to Bucharest. Julie spends about twenty minutes yelling, "Yeah!" and pumping her fists in the air. Shut up, Julie. No one likes you. In an interview, Dan says that Julie will do whatever she has to, "because she's crazy." If by "crazy," you mean "an attention whore," then I would have to agree. For the RR team, the contestants will be Susie, Emily, and Christian. In an interview, Julie says that they picked Christian because he's sensitive about what he eats. Julie feels that Emily and Susie are "weenies." Shut UP, Julie! I wish that I had a special Julie filter on my television. It would be like the spam filters I have in my email program. Every time Julie appeared, she would just get deleted and automatically put in the trash. Sigh. I can dream.

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