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Downward Spiral

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Downward Spiral

The contestants take their seats as the Torture Master tells them that the team that finishes the contents of the plate first wins. James asks whether they're allowed to throw up, and they apparently are. Christian asks Emily what she wants from the dish. Emily picks up one piece and then starts retching uncontrollably, just from touching it. In an interview, Emily says that there's "not a bone in [her] body that wants to take one bite." The bell rings to start the competition. The RW team divides up the contents of their dish. The RR team starts to do the same, albeit very slowly. Emily retches some more. For some reason, Michelle keeps yelling that they are "Swiss cheese." Emily tries to eat something, but ends up puking it into the plastic bag, helpfully held for her by James. After puking, Emily yells out, "This is not fun!" It's not that fun to watch either. Although it is helping my "get ready for summer" diet; after seeing all the puking, I don't have much of an appetite. Susie tries to take deep breaths in order to get her food down. Christian is the next to go -- he runs over and pukes into the bag James is holding. Is it wrong that I'm glad that James is the one holding the puke bag? James yells some encouragement to Susie, and she screeches, "Shut up, James!" I wish that I had a .wav of that, because I would insert it into the recap later.

In an interview, James expresses how disappointed he is in his team, and that they claim to be doing their best, but it's "just a lot of talk." We see Dan and Julie trying to be cheery about their task -- Julie even claims that it's "so good." Rebecca looks a bit green. In an interview, Julie says that she'll do anything for a victory, including eat the brains. We see Rebecca trying to bite a piece of who-knows-what. In an interview, Rebecca says that she kept telling herself that she could make it through this, because she's been through tougher things. Like living with Stephen. And then Rebecca pukes. And then Christian pukes. In an interview, Susie says that they're up against Julie, who will eat the entire dish of scraps herself if need be, so Susie just decides to give up. And while I sympathize with her, her own team picked Julie to do this. Why? James gets mad that Susie is not even trying. Meanwhile, Christian is still puking. Susie yells at James, "Shut up! You just shut your yapper!" Susie is laughing, but James is totally pissed off. Finally, the Torture Master rings the bell to signify that the RW team has emptied their dish, and won the contest. The RW team gets three coins, which the Torture Master hands to Kameelah.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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