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Paula's Gone Rogue!

Brad admires what an "all star player" Tori is. He is taken with her skill at sitting still on a block of ice. Admittedly, it is a skill many of us covet. Final round is between Mark/Rachel and Landon/Brittini. Mark and Rachel win and are safe from the Duel.

Back at the house, Mark and Rachel deliberate the Kickball Pecking Order. Rachel wants to pick Aneesa first, since she won the Duel last time. Mark thinks Aneesa should be told to pick Landon, since he came in second during the challenge.

The camera finds Evan inside his bedroom through the hole that CT punched in the wall. VERITE!!! MJ wants to know who Evan will pick; Evan says Paula. MJ is going to ask Paula to pick him. MJ is huge, but sort of funnily obviously not on the steroid bandwagon. Like he's not all bizarrely cut like the other dudes, he just looks kind of steak-eating farm-handish. Evan tells MJ that Paula loves Ryan; MJ thinks Ryan is starting to become a player in the game. Isaac's in there hating on the strategizing. He thinks that either he or Ryan will be picked last.

Outside, Ryan and Paula shiver in the cold and Paula BSes Ryan about how she's going to do everything she can to help make sure he isn't picked last. Ryan doesn't trust any of these bitches.

Commercials. Morning. Paula greets Evan with a big bowl of crazy, demanding that he tell her who to pick. Evan interviews that he doesn't know when he became the Godfather who people are coming to for answers. Evan thinks that if Paula told MJ she'd pick him, she should do that. MJ is standing right there. Paula then counts off how the Kickball Pecking Order should go, and MJ marches over to the girl's room and announces it. RIVETING. They are all in on the list? That makes for great television. Ruthie listens to MJ tell her who to pick, but interviews that she's not taking orders from anyone. MJ is getting more and more desperate, talking over "the list" with anyone who will listen. Derek lays in his bed looking all sleepy and kind of wins me over right there, because he is so clearly making a grocery list in his head while MJ blabs on and on, about Dunbar pick Diem pick Ryan pick Isaac and Katie and UH GAHHHH.

Derek rubs his head and declares that it's way too early in the game to be this complicated. Over in another room, Paula kneels on the floor amidst a few others and runs through the "i say you you say this they say this" and on and on and on again. Ryan interviews that it is absolute "pandemonium" in the house right now. Yes, if by "pandemonium" you mean, a bunch of people sitting very still mumbling sequences of names to themselves like they're autistic.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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