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Paula's Gone Rogue!

Boys' Duel. The challenge is that they need to try to push one another off a platform. MJ versus Ryan. Sigh. This week things are NOT going my way! Ryan interviews very unconvincingly that he's just going to try to catch him off balance. They start and MJ Mack Trucks his way over to Ryan, who is immediately knocked onto his knees. Aneesa does the producer's bidding and interviews that even though MJ just plowed into Ryan, there's a moment when you thought, "is Ryan about to knock MJ's fat body off the platform?" No, Aneesa, this is not the time to use the second person. Maybe YOU thought that, but WE did not. Ryan tumbles off.

Jenn throws some gang signs to Ryan over on the sidelines. They go at it again, and MJ knocks Ryan off again. But Ryan does make a good showing. Like, if this had been Isaac? Ryan probably would have won.

MJ interviews that he thinks he just established that he's not a pushover. Yes, by challenging a guy half your size to a push fight. Ryan says his goodbyes, including giving Davis a kiss. Davis! I had forgotten again! I wonder what the meathead calculus in NOT picking Davis was. I mean, Davis is an ever SURER guy to call into the Duel than Ryan, but that would be too emasculating for the meathead? Ryan wants Davis to stay and represent for the gays. Paula worries that Ryan will think she did this on purpose but she just needed to protect herself. You know, by alienating everyone.

Back at the house, the subject is Paula. Brad doesn't have a problem with what Paula did, only that it was not "disclosed." Brad, a great legal mind. He thinks what she did has now "put the house in uproars." Evan gives Paula a talking-to. Some guy in a cowboy hat (turns out it's Landon -- nice try with the hat, kid, but I still will NEVER EVER remember you) tells Brad that he doesn't trust Evan. Paula tries to give Evan a talking-to herself, and then interviews in fortune cookie speak about "taking big risks to make big cash." Over in the other room, Landon intones about houses of cards falling and then finally -- finally -- my Tivo cuts out and we're done!

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