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Teej tells them this sounds like a great plan. Thanks, Teej! Landon interviews all fresh facedly that he's real nervous because Mark's arms are so long! This kid is like straight out of Oklahoma or something. Landon figures he's going to lose unless he can tackle Mark before Mark tackles him. So he basically rabbit kicks Mark, who slides off the rope pretty quickly, kind of like he's 37 going on 37. Landon wins.

Last boys heat: Eric, Evan, and Nehemiah. Evan interviews some fat jokes about how when Eric falls, there'll be no mud left in the pool. When Eric does fall, Evan says, a shockwave runs down the line and knocks him off. Ah, the old Bellyflop Defense.

Last guys' heat. MJ looks like he's in the fucking Cirque du Soleil. Commercials

Back at it, MJ gets a little too French and pirouettes himself right off the rope. Landon and Nehemiah go straight to the rabbit kick phase. Nehemiah interviews that Landon's legs wrapped around him "feel like a python." That's what he said. And by "he," I mean "Landon" because Landon is the King of Gay Innuendo. Landon interviews that now that he's won he's happy because every night he worries about where he'll be the next day and whether he'll still be there. And now he won't have to worry! And all he'll have to do is tuck Mr. Tickles in next to him and go to sleep, dimples puckered in sweet dreams.

Brad thinks that Landon and Ruthie are a wildcard combo to have safe from the Duel. Inside, Ruthie and Landon discuss what their list should be. Ruthie notes that of course Landon will want to save his "partner" Brittini. Okay, what? She just means partners from last week's challenge, right? Not like "partners" like the progressive term some thinking people use to describe their significant other when they don't want to use the terminology of the patriarchy? Right? Outside, Brad gets real confusing talking about "statistics, odds" and then just decides that all there is to do is wait. Ruthie and Landon are going to make a list, and then everyone is going to try to change the list.

Does anyone else like totally not get these "lists"? Like, how do the people picked last NOT know they are going to be picked last? I do not like it when MTV gets me all confused like this. Jenn isn't helping, talking with Paula in that machine gun patter she has: "YagottagoinYagottagoinYaknow?"

Ruthie and Landon continue to deliberate; Ruthie says that things are kind of fuzzy for her right now. Landon suggests they do "Paper, Scissors, Rock." Okay, this guy. Seriously. What planet is he from? It's rock, paper, scissors, dude. It's like he was raised by Care Bears in the sky.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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