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Kickball Begats. Landon begat Brittini begat Mark begat Rachel and so on. Isaac interviews that he was nervous because this is his first challenge in the history of the universe. The history of the universe sighs. Evan's name gets called and he interviews that he doesn't know who to pick. If he picks Paula, who he promised, she'll pick Dunbar, which his alliance doesn't want. We go to commercials listening to heart beats of boredom.

Evan interviews that he can't be perceived as a pair with Paula anymore because she went AWOL last week. So he picks Kimberly. Paula is hurt and shaking. Maybe she'll go sit in a treasure chest and cry about it. She gives Evan the finger and interviews that Evan should always have her name in his mouth. Evan is too busy with his own dick in his mouth, sweetie. He ain't got space.

Now it's Nehemiah who's stuck between a rock and a you know what. He has to pick between Brooke and Paula, both of whom he says have his back. He picks Paula, who picks Dunbar, leaving Brooke and Davis. Davis picks Evan to go against. Sweet! Davis interviews that Evan is just annoying and has too much power in the game. Evan interviews that this is "shock and awe" that he's going in the Duel. He can't wait to kick the crap out of this sweet man Davis. Brooke picks Brittini, because she's a rookie. They choose their Duel games. The boys will play "Spot On" and the girls "Back Off"-- which is the wrestle-y one that Aneesa and Shauvon played.

They all mill around, and Paula approaches Davis and whispers that she knew he would pick Evan. Davis just sort of coolly nods his head to the right and says "He's right there." Ha! Paula tries to play it off -- "Good. Send him home!"-- but she is really not good at playing tough. It's not convincing. Evan doesn't know what Paula's problem is, she's not even going to the Duel. Evan worries that their Duel is going to be a puzzle, and he's not good at puzzles.

Ah, the old Puzzle IQ test. Evan goof-views that he's alone in a cold New Zealand house, and the camerawork gets kind of jokey for a minute following him down the long hallway. He gets into a bedroom where he and Mark and some other Necks discuss what "Spot On" could possibly be. Evan wants to know why Davis called him out, and then goes after Davis. Davis won't give him an answer about why he picked him other than "I wanted to go up against you." Evan interviews AGAIN, and this over-the-top worrying on Evan's part means: Davis is going home.

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