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End Game

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End Game

Mike fills us in on the details of the mission. There is a giant target (like a dartboard with points) and depending on where you land, you get a certain number of points. The team with the most combined points at the end gets the cars. Heather tells us she prayed for rain, "snow in Florida, giant hailstorms" or anything to stop the mission, but then she realized she has to jump. Teck tells us that it's like driving a car, or so his instructor told him. Does that mean that he'll have two catfighting honeys with him when he jumps? Everyone suits up. The RR team has a huddle where Dan tells them to stay calm.

The first set of six goes up. For the RW team, it's David, Mike and Heather. For RR, it's Yes, Los-er and Veronica. That must be one big plane to fit all six cast members, all the instructors and a cameraman! That's at least nineteen people. Heather tells us she's trying to find peace inside. Veronica gets up to go, and she's crying. I can't even make fun of her because I'd be peeing my pants. David goes first, then Yes. Heather says she doesn't care if she gets any points, as long as she gets to the ground safely. Heather jumps, and then Veronica. Apparently at some point, Los-er and Mike jumped too, but we don't get to see it. David makes it near the ground first, and the instructor tries to give him directions via a radio. Mike lands first, but doesn't get any points. Annoying says she just wants "safe, safe boys." David lands next for fifty points. Yes comes in and Dan tries to give him directions, but something goes horribly wrong and Yes crash-lands right by the buses. He tumbles a few times and everyone runs over, but he says he's okay. In a voice-over, he tells us that he tried to walk it off because he didn't want to worry anyone, but it really hurt, and we see a shot of his bloody hand. Holly starts crying and says she doesn't want a car anymore; she just wants everyone to be safe. Los-er lands next, and he's on the other side of a fence somewhere, but he lands safely. Heather comes in next and lands safely while still managing to get ten points for the team. Veronica comes in and ends up landing squarely in the center of the target for one hundred points. Dan and Holly hug her, and even Teck and Kat celebrate. Piggy says something weird is happening because the RW team is cheering them on. Mike tells us that the score is now RW sixty, RR one hundred, so anything could happen. It's a good thing we have Mike as a narrator, because I definitely couldn't tell that just from looking at the scoreboard.

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