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Ev vs. The Island

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Ev vs. The Island

TJ congratulates Ev and then tells her that she gets an extra reward: a pizza. She can pick two people to help her eat it, and she picks Robin and Kellyanne, who both run over, two pairs of rock solid kickballs shifting up and down on their chests. Sexy, ladies. Very sexy. They eat the pizza with relish while everyone looks on in despair.

Back from commercials and the shit is starting to go down. Ev and Johnny nod at each other across the way and they and Kenny go marching off to into a grove to conduct some business. Ev tells them that she's not taking Kellyanne's key. They ask her who she thinks the weakest person with a key is and she says Jenn or Dunbar. Kenny and Johnny are like, "Uh, how 'bout Jenn, then?" Ev interviews with glee that these schoolyard bullies are trying to appease her now. I am over here salivating with anticipation that she'll take out Dunbar. I'm tired of having my spine chilled by him every week.

Ev tells Jenn the score, including how Johnny said she was a "fringe member" of their alliance. Jenn is not surprised. She interviews that she doesn't give a shit about any of those people. She tells Ev that she's in a position to break up the alliance and should take it. Ev interviews about how Johnny has been such a bully to her and that she wants to get even with him but she needs to think big picture about the $75,000. Oh, Ev. I really don't recommend that anyone involved with Bunim/Murray in ANY CAPACITY ever try to think "big picture." That is an abyss you don't want to trip into.

Hollywood 'Tards. Tyrie and Dan plead their cases. Dan: He doesn't want to go home. Well, that was persuasive. Tyrie: threatens to take someone's key if he gets to stay. Also, very persuasive. Everyone except for the Denver girls sends Tyrie home. Robin gives a very strange speech about Dan, that starts with a "Well, well, well" continues with a mention of "Danimal" and then ends with multiple invocations of how crazy she is. Tyrie is eliminated.

Evelyn's turn! And it is AWESOME. She tells them all that up until now there's been an alliance that has dominated every decision of the game. She talks about how they stomp around the island bullying everyone else and that tonight she's saying "Fuck you. Fuck your alliance." YES! Derrick gives a great "Oooooohhh!" face. Evelyn names the alliance: Kenny, Johnny, Paula, Dunbar, Johanna. Then she takes Johnny's key. This is so great! Is this what the sixties were like? Evelyn, standin' up to the man! DEMOCRACY!

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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