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Gauntlet III Episode 2

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Gauntlet III Episode 2

The Vets decide to protect Brooke from elimination. Brooke interviews that she thinks it's because Ev went to bat for her, but unless she's, like, nationally ranked at making out, it's probably because she stinks. It's Jillian who gets sent in; she thinks it's because she's a physical threat. Frank is bummed. Jillian says to Frank that she shouldn't have shown what she could do. Frank interviews that he wants to keep Jillian around. I have zero investment in Jillian one way or the other, except that Frank has a crush on her so clearly she's got to go posthaste. Sorry, lady. The Rooks go into their deliberation cabana (...I know), and it seems they're sticking with the "chosen Gauntleteer gets to pick his/her opponent" rule, at least for now, because Jillian has selected Angel, and everyone seems saddened, but accepting of it...until Tori decides to throw a flag on the "foul play" issue. She's pissed about the alliances and she wants it to stop. Nehemiah is nodding in response, but Frank pulls "bitch crazy" faces. Tyler is accused of allying with Coral, to which he's like, "As if, no," and Frank denies everything, and Derek says everyone's paranoid. Johanna's diagnosis in an interview is that nobody wants to admit that they just didn't do well in the Challenge, and Melinda's like, they're the Veterans for a reason. Because...they think they're too good for entry-level jobs in Burbank? Oh, she means because they rule at Challenges. Riiiight.

Anyway, it is in fact Jillian and Angel in the Gauntlet, playing "Ram It Home." (...Hee.) There's a big sled hanging in the middle; each girl takes one side, and tries to push the other girl into the back wall. Sudden death; first one to touch wall goes home. Both girls talk big about strength and tenacity, and then it's go time...after the break.

Air horn! It's pretty close, closer than I'd thought it would be (and Coral agrees with me in an interview), but though Angel puts up a decent struggle, she's quickly eliminated. Neh is sad Angel's leaving; Frank's tiny boner is glad Jillian's staying. Jillian's psyched to have won, Angel says her goodbyes, and Derek is worried about losing another player. Footage of the Veterans looking imposing. Tori: We need to get our shit together.

Zach and Paula talk strategy. Everyone's worried about losing another dude. Meanwhile, the Vets wax arrogant about how they've gotten in the Rookies' heads and it's, like, impossible for the Veterans to lose right now as a result. Adam is cackling about how it's all mental. You're mental, Adam, and shut up.

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