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Gauntlet III Episode 2

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Gauntlet III Episode 2

Jillian and Frank watch a video iPod together all wholesomely snuggly. Tyler: Frank and Jillian were just voted "most boring couple in America" in an internet poll. Amen, Eyeliner McGee.

Zach talks about how, once the Veterans do have to pick someone to go into the Gauntlet, it's all going to fall apart for them. In an interview, Beth agrees, saying she foresees a train wreck in the Veterans' future. ..."Future"? Don't you guys have a mirror in the bathroom?

Nighttime. Drunk grab-ass. Adam talks about how he's "caught in this big sex sandwich" with everyone pairing up all over the place. Shut up, Adam. Shut up, porn-y shot of Danny and Melinda frenching. Tyler is in a lawn chair, talking to...someone about his hook-up with Ryan and how Ryan isn't his regular type at all, and then in an interview he's like, we're not going to get married in Vermont or anything but I like the guy. It's a valiant attempt to convince us that it's all cazh, but his eyes are brimming with tears while he's talking.

Another clue arrives. It has something to do with back and forth and side to side and going for a ride and yuck.

Now Tyler and Ryan have to have A Big Talk. Ryan is dismissive of Tyler's "inner turmoil" in an interview, so it's all the more cringe-y to watch Tyler talking to Ryan about how he likes him That Way, and Ryan's kind of like, "...That's nice" in response, and then we get another Teary Tylerview about the situation, and then Ryan says that yeah, they made out drunkenly a bunch of times, but he doesn't want to lead Tyler on, so...that's...kind of that. Ouch. Tyler expresses his frustration and is "real with" Ryan about his feelings, but Ryan holds the line: they can make out, but that's as far as it's going between them. He explains that he's selfish and a control freak in relationships, I guess trying to soften it; then, in an interview, he says that Tyler is used to getting what he wants, but Ryan is not something Tyler is going to get. Double ouch.

More commercials -- seriously, why bother making it an hour long if you evidently only have 35 minutes of show? That Gatorade ad is practically a family member, I've seen it so many times -- and then TJ is back to walk us through another overly complex Challenge, in which one of the guys from each team has to sit in a rope swing. The swing is tied with twelve ropes, and the teams have to swing the guy around to solve a puzzle with pieces that fit into the tops of poles. (...I know.) The first team to get six pieces wins; the girls will get a digital camera, and the guys will avoid going into the Gauntlet.

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