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Gauntlet III Episode 2

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Gauntlet III Episode 2

It's Frank, in the end; this is announced at the Gauntlet venue, and then we get a flashback where Frank is told during deliberations that Tyler won't choose, but if he were choosing, he would pick Frank or Zach. First of all, why didn't they just show us this in the first place? Second of all, Tyler, if you're not going to pick, don't pick. If you are going to pick, pick. Don't stand around all "woe is me, it's someone else's fault" with your huge Parasol Of Wussitude. Ass! Hole! Hole in an ass! That is you! In any case, Frank doesn't seem too bent about it, probably because he's not worried about losing.

The game is Force Field, which is the same rope game Alex lost on. Tyler is confident in a pre-Gauntlet interview. Frank's strategy is to stay low and let Tyler tire himself out. Tyler is doing a bunch of Rambo-ish yelling, of which Evan is utterly (and correctly) contemptuous in an interview, and in the end, despite Tyler's insect-like flailing, Frank dispatches him without much delay. Janelle: It's Tyler's time to go and I'm fine with it. Jillian: I'd rather have Frank around than Tyler. Sars: I don't need to see you making out with either of them, but...seconded. Tyler's goodbye interview is all about how he'll stay in touch with Ryan. Not if Ryan has anything to say about it, dude. Sure enough, the next shot is Ryan in the kitchen with Robin, smoking and talking about how he's relieved Tyler's gone because the whole "Tyler was more into him" scenario stressed him out. "One-on-one, I think Tyler's great, but I'm just really...not...wanting to be a part of" Tyler's drama. Then he admits that he would totally have sex with Davis if he were there. Hee.

Frank and Jillian hang out. Zzz.

Robin throat-polyps to Katie that she knows she'll have to go into the Gauntlet at some point. Evan interviews that he dreads the first girl Gauntlet for the Veterans, because "our girls are gonna explode." Katie in turn interviews that the Veteran guys had better not start throwing Challenges to get rid of the girls, or they'll turn around and do the same to the guys.

Next time: Ev semi-accuses Brooke of hooking up with her to get ahead in the game (and I could say something here about that being the only comprehensible motivation for hooking up with Ev, but I won't...oh, except I just did); people bonk into wooden poles during a Challenge; CT screams that he isn't sheisty; Tyrie takes a disturbing phone call.

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