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Grand Finale

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Grand Finale

Sean talks to his team to find out who wants to do which part of the mission. Coral says that she can't dive, due to her swimming problems. Elka says that she guesses she can do it, but she doesn't sound very confident. In an interview, Sean says that he has to be confident that his team can compete in the physical arena.

The teams get ready to start. In an interview, Theo explains the first leg of the mission. Two people from each team will kayak out to a catamaran; along the way, the teams must collect two fish from buoys on the route. The non-kayakers all head out to the catamaran. Eric blows his whistle to start things off. Emily and Timmy grab one kayak; Danny and Kelley grab the other. In an interview, Kelley says that it was a lot harder than she expected. Emily and Timmy take a fairly large lead. In an interview, Emily says that her team was leading, but that when they reached the first buoy, they were unable to unhook the fish due to a big knot. The other RR team members shout encouragement from the catamaran. Most of that encouragement involves swearing. In an interview, Coral says that the RR team got stuck, but life isn't fair. Kelley and Danny reach the first buoy and grab their fish. Hollywick bitches, "That's not cool. That is not cool." I wonder if they will have to go visit Judge Mills Lane to solve the case of the knotted fish.

An onscreen graphic lets us know that the RW team is now leading. Sean tells us that due to "a tremendous stroke of luck," his team is ahead. Theo gives a "what the fuck?" gesture. In an interview, Emily tells us that she and Timmy couldn't untie the knot, so she decided to chew through the rope, which took a lot more time. She chewed through the rope? What is she, a beaver? They finally get the fish in their kayak and take off. In an interview, Danny says that he and Kelley were running out of steam, but then their teammates yelled out, "Fifty thousand dollars," and they started paddling like crazy. Both teams are being buffeted about by the waves.

In an interview, Sean explains that Danny and Kelley reached the catamaran, so their teammates jumped off the boat and into the water. In an interview, Danny says that it's complete chaos. Elka yells out in a very irritated fashion, "Hello? Anybody?" Sean explains that by the time they figured out what they were supposed to do next, Emily and Timmy had arrived. Sean and Elka are doing the free dive against Dan and Tara. The teams are neck and neck. In an interview, Dan explains that they have to dive down and retrieve two fish. In an interview, Tara says that she's never felt so much adrenaline in her life. In an interview, Elka says that she can't hold her breath long enough to get a fish. It's like Wil in The Amazing Race. In an interview, Sean says that coming into that leg, his team was winning, but coming out of it, they are losing.

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