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Grand Finale

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Grand Finale

The RR team members are all talking at once, and it appears to be a mass of confusion. In an interview, Tara says that they have "too many cooks in the kitchen." Theo asks if they can start over. In an interview, Tara says that "it's a bloody mess."

The RW team studies the puzzle. Kelley suggests that they all step back, not speak to one another, and just think. They follow Kelley's suggestion. In an interview, Sean says that the way that they worked on the puzzle was how they have competed overall -- six brains working as one. Well, that assumes that they each have a full brain. Sean says that his team worked to figure it out together. Suddenly, Mike says that he's got it, and he starts telling everyone where to put the fishes. In an interview, Mike says that suddenly, he figured it out. In an interview, Coral says that Mike got a look on his face like he just saw a naked woman. Hee! The team members quickly move fish around according to Mike's instructions. In an interview, Kelley compares Mike's expertise to Rain Man. It is eerily savant-like. The RW team completes the puzzle and take off running for the finish line.

The RR team is still trying to figure out the puzzle. The RW team members climb the rope ladder and reach the finish line first. Cheering and hugs all around. In an interview, Sean says that Mike is the MVP because he figured out the puzzle, and it took a mind, not muscles. Coral sings a little song about winning the money. Elka sobs, and Danny puts an arm around her. In an interview, Elka says that it was "brains over brawn."

The RR team decides to finish the puzzle anyway. In an interview, Tara says that they knew it didn't matter, but they wanted to finish the puzzle anyway for their own dignity. The RR team finally finishes the puzzle, climbs the ladder, and crosses the finish line.

Mark congratulates all of the contestants on their efforts. Eric says that the RW team members will take home $50,000 each. Well, not so much after taxes and prize-sharing. Sean and Elka are presented with their Saturn Vues. Hollywick pouts in a corner. In an interview, Hollywick says that she needs to be by herself so that she doesn't say something she doesn't mean, out of frustration. Emily comments on how far ahead she and Timmy were at the beginning. Theo calls someone and says that he just lost fifty grand and a new car. Coral tells the camera that she doesn't have to split her money with anyone, which isn't exactly true, since the RW team agreed to kick back money to the members of their team that were eliminated earlier. Theo congratulates Mike on his win. Then there's a flashback of some of the memorable moments from the season, none of which is all that interesting. Emily says that it was all very spontaneous and challenging. Danny says that he's challenged himself. Hollywick says that she's learned how to lose. Which is why she was pouting all by herself at the end. Kelley says that the hurricane really brought them all together. Tara says that she'll always have a special feeling in her heart for Mike, but she thinks that they'll stay friends. Coral says that she'll miss her teammates. Mike says that he's really proud of Coral for her attitude throughout. Timmy says that as long as he's with these great people in a beautiful setting, he's having fun. Dan says that he's made friends in ways that he's never made friends before. I'll bet. Theo says that it's "a secret little pocket in history." For probably the last time this season, shut up, Theo. Sean says that he's happy and honored to have played the game, and it's been the challenge of a lifetime. And...that's it!

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