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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

More time passes. They are now at one hour and fifteen minutes. Mike does a raspberry and yells out, "Road Rules blows." Timmy fake laughs and says, "Good one, Mike." I think Timmy is losing it, because he snorted and laughed for like five minutes. He's turning into Theo.

They are now one hour and thirty-two minutes in. In an interview, Sean says that after the first half hour, your hands become numb, and you just throw them on there, let them sit for five minutes, and then rotate. Theo comments that he can't feel his entire arm. In an interview, Hollywick informs us that Theo decided not to switch hands at all. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. I hope that he gets hypothermia or at the very least, freezer burn. Someone must have said that Theo is going to lose his hand, because he responds, "I've got nothing to lose, dude. I can't drive my hand." Shut up, Theo. One of the guys tells Theo that his hand is purple. Theo denies it. Coral agrees that it is. Theo takes a look at his hand, which is scarily purple, and says that it's mauve, and then says that it looks like they are at a funeral for his hand. No, it doesn't, and shut up, Theo. Theo decides to switch hands, and says that his veins feel hard in his icy hand. Timmy asks if it hurts, and Theo says that it does. Theo really is as dumb as a box of ice cubes. Why wouldn't he switch off? Timmy says that if it hurts, it's not good, and Theo crouches down in pain. The referee blows his whistle and touches Hollywick on the shoulder, and tells her that she's out. In an interview, Timmy says that they are "really serious about this whistle-blowing stuff." Hollywick says, "For what?" The referee probably doesn't speak much English, so he kind of smiles and shrugs. Hollwick repeats sharply, "For. What?"

When we return from commercials, we get to see the ref blow the whistle again, and Hollywick bitchily asking, "For what?" In an interview, Mike says, "Oh, my God. Yes. Get them out of there." The referee explains that Hollywick had her hand on a crack, and she wasn't touching the ice completely flat. The camera cuts to Hollywick's hand, which she tries to maneuver into a better position, but it does look like only her fingertips are touching the ice. Theo asks the ref nicely if there's any way he might change his decision. Hollywick takes a different tack, bitching at the ref for taking ten minutes to make his decision, so she clearly had her hand like that for quite a while. Maybe he was cutting her some slack, and letting her reposition her hand, and then she didn't. The ref will not change his mind, so Hollywick and Theo are out after one hour and thirty-six minutes. Someone curses as they leave; it may have been Hollywick, who said that she doesn't curse, ever. In an interview, Hollywick says that it was a bum call, and if you look at her hand, you can tell that it's "completely screwed." In an interview, Coral says that Hollywick "melted the ice with her evil witch hands." Ha! Elka whispers to Sean that she saw Hollywick cheating, lifting her hand so that only her fingertips were touching. In an interview, Theo says that he wishes that Hollywick had kept her hand nice and flat, because he was going through a lot of pain, too. Hollywick sits in a lounge chair and sulks. One of the women comments that Hollywick is really mad. One of the men tells the ref that it was a good call. In an interview, Danny says that everyone is really happy that Hollywick and Theo didn't win another vehicle. Danny lies back on the lounge chair, eyes closed, and repeats that the other contestants are suckers.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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