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Highs and Los

Los and the coach demonstrate a basic lockup. The Real World team hops into the ring in order to get used to it. Teck tries to do a flying elbow from the middle turnbuckle, but he wimps out and lands on his feet first, and then drops the elbow, which lessens the impact of the whole thing. Plus, he's really uncoordinated. Veronica and Los start wrestling, but Veronica stops because she says Los is sweating. You see, Veronica, there's this thing called "work." And when human beings do "work," their bodies get warm, and release a liquid from the pores of the skin in an attempt to cool down. This is known as "sweat." It is a direct result of "work." Obviously, Veronica is unfamiliar with all of these concepts. Los and Yes wrestle a little and the coach says that Yes must have wrestled before. Yes tells us that he's going to teach his team some moves. Dan says they are all banking on Yes. David watches Yes wrestle (and there is more than a little sexual tension going on there) and remarks to Kat that Yes is good, but that David will be able to beat him, except that he will actually have to wrestle.

We see a shot of the marquee outside the arena and it says "Challange [sic] 2000." Nice. The coach for the Road Rules team comes onto the bus to retrieve them, and the team is actually showing some signs of life. The coach reminds them to be aggressive and make the first move, and then take them down. Gee, that sounds like the dating advice my college roommate gave me. Anyway, the Real World team is trying to revive their "Kill the head and the body shall die" chant from last week's episode, but it's not quite as powerful as before. There are a lot of people in the audience. Yes is wearing a stocking on his head. The teams are introduced to loud cheering. The referee is introduced -- it's Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer! Piggy is amazed, I guess, since she is sitting there with her mouth wide open. David gets way too excited about Verne, jumping around and yelling, "Mini-Me!" Verne unveils the "Wheel of Wrestling," a spinning wheel divided up into various sections. It's like Wheel of Fortune, except vertical and minus Pat Sajak. Each Real World team member is paired up with a Road Rules team member, and they spin the wheel. Whatever section it falls on, that's who they have to wrestle. The options are wrestling each other; professional wrestlers; female model wrestlers; teenage wrestlers; what Teck calls "big, fat, beer-drinking, too-many-peanut-eating, white boys"; and mini-wrestlers. Amaya tells us that she sees all the potential opponents and feels like she is in a "white trash salad." Shut up, Amaya. Then she laughs at how "bad" she is for saying that. Does she even know that when she tries to be cute, she only succeeds in looking like an idiot? She is on the verge of earning a nickname.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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