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Highs and Los

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Highs and Los

The teams board their respective buses. On the Road Rules bus, the team is discussing their loss. Holly says she hates to lose. Yes says that "the tables weren't on [their] side tonight." Okay, that also doesn't make any sense. What tables? Are these people on drugs? Veronica says she can't lose again. Los feels that their coach should have told Piggy to try to get a draw, because "Heather is twice [her] weight." You know, I think Heather B. probably weighs less now than she did when she was on Real World, and even so, I doubt she weighs twice what Piggy weighs. And also, Los, even if she did, it's kind of shitty to point that out. Yes says a good coach wouldn't have helped. Veronica tries to rally the troops by saying that they need to be able to make their own strategies. Los tells us he "doesn't get into their thing" and that it makes him feel lonely. My heart cries for you, Los. Maybe if you had any social skills, you could make a friend or two.

Veronica orders pizza for everyone. Piggy tells us how much trouble Veronica went to in order to get the pizza, since it was hard to find someone who would deliver to them, plus it was raining outside. When the pizza finally arrives, Piggy says that Los was like "give me my pizza!" We pick up that action here. Veronica asks everyone if they want to eat in the other bus. Los says, "I [bleep] paid for it. Bring me my [bleep] food." Piggy tells him he can't talk to Veronica like that, and that he's rude and needs to get some manners. Los wonders what manners have to do with anything. Exactly. That's exactly Los's problem. He doesn't know what manners have to do with anything. Piggy tells him to go away.

Los is walking! Outside! In the rain! Everyone else is sitting in one of the buses eating pizza. Veronica says that the problem with Los is his attitude, and that they tried to include him, but there's "not a lot of reaching out in [their] bus." Los is still walking! And it's still raining! Piggy tells us she doesn't know what Los' problem is and now he's disappeared, and she hopes he didn't jump off a bridge or something. But we know where Los is. He's walking! And pouting! In the rain!

Next week: Yes feels that Los is intimidated by the rest of their team. The mission involves snakes, cows and men dressing in drag. I can't wait to see how they could possibly tie all that together.

Over the credits, we see Heather telling Teck that there will be no "boinking" on the bus. Teck argues that he can, if it's a church girl. Heather says she's going to stand at the door and won't let anyone on the bus. Teck says he has to boink. Heather says he can't. Mike comes up behind Heather and says, "There will be boinking." Hey, he made a joke! Who knew Mike had a personality?

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