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Inside the Inner Circle

Lindsay asks the RW team if there is anything they want to set the record straight about. Coral says that there was a clip of Stephen claiming that they all signed a paper, which wasn't true. Coral also says that they never agreed only to vote off the last-place team, and that the agreement said nothing about voting. Sean says that isn't true; that they agreed to vote off the weakest team, which might have had nothing to do with points. Man, if only we'd known that earlier, it would have saved many, many, many posts to the forums arguing that very issue. Sean says that there was a contract that they all signed, and Coral and Kelley both claim that they didn't sign anything. Sean is surprised, and Kelley yells out, "Way to go, lawyer!" Ha. Sean is still asking if people really didn't sign the contract, but Mark moves on.

Mark asks Dan if everyone left happy. Dan says that all of the finalists probably left happy, but he doesn't know about the non-finalists. Dan is happy that he had the chance to stay until the end and compete in all of the challenges.

Mark asks everyone if they would compete in another Challenge. Danny says that once is enough, and that he had fun but wouldn't do it again. Emily says that she would, and Coral and Theo agree. Elka, Dan, and Mike would all do it again. Kelley says that she absolutely would, and Timmy thinks that the same teams should compete again. Lindsay whines that no one asked her if she would do it. Coral asks why the loser always wants a rematch. Theo yells that they came in second place, but it was out of two teams, so I don't know why that's anything to be proud of.

Mark announces that they will now have a mini-Challenge, which sounds really dumb. The prize is a Sony PlayStation 2. The competition will be a Tug of War over the pool. The two teams take their places. Clearly, the RW team is going to lose, since Tug of Wars (Tugs of War?) are won or lost based on total weight of your team. Plus, they have Mike and Sean up front and Kelley in the anchor spot. Plus, Elka is wearing a dress. Anyway, the tugging starts and the RR wins fairly easily. Mike goes flying into the pool. Theo and Timmy trash-talk a little bit. Timmy and Theo hug. Coral and Timmy hug. Emily and Tara hug. Mike gives Hollywick a kiss on the cheek. The season ends with Mike and Theo, shirtless, hugging. How appropriate.

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