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Inside the Inner Circle

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Inside the Inner Circle
  • At the toga party, Jisela dances while everyone claps, and then smushes ADDam's face into her boobs. Classy, that Jisela.
  • Mike continues to talk as The Miz, and he's gone back to being unfunny.
  • The Wicks snuggle and pray. Hollywick says, "Bless us indeed and increase our territory. Your hand will be over us, and you will keep us from evil." They expect God to keep them from themselves? And what's with the "territory" thing? Are they going to take part in the Oklahoma Land Rush? Methinks someone has watched Far and Away too many times.
  • Stephen tells the camera that naked is his natural state. David pops up and says, "Wow, thank you for telling me that."
  • Before he leaves, Norm gives Mike a bottle of liquor to be consumed on his twenty-first birthday. Mike drinks a lot and jokingly calls Coral a bitch.
  • During the wrestling match, Kelley and Tara push each other around. Wow, I'm so glad they included that clip for no reason.
  • Belounatic yells at The Wicks for judging her parenting skills, which we already saw. Belounatic bitches to Holly Not Wick about The Wicks, and how they are trying to make her act crazy in front of the cameras. I don't think they need to try very hard. The whole time Belounatic is ranting, Holly Not Wick is holding Baby Belouga and looking frightened. Belounatic concludes, "Dey bitches! Dey bitches." I miss Belounatic.
  • Coral begs Mike to show her his unit. Mike says he has to go take a shower. Coral asks if he's going to jack off in the shower, and Mike says he can't. Coral doesn't believe him, and Mike says that he needs the "raw power."
  • While wrestling, Mike begs Coral to shove her boobs in his face.
  • Stephen jumps on a trampoline and calls himself "Black Man Xena, the Warrior Prince."

    Mark asks the contestants what they thought about the footage, and says that he didn't know Belounatic was "such an accomplished rapper." Theo says, "That's ear Beloution, dude." For the first of many times, I say, "Shut up, Theo." Mark asks Theo what they didn't get to see from the toga party. Theo says that there was "a special room over on the side where there were a lot of nude foreigners." Theo claims that Sharon was in there. Mark asks to hear more about the VIP Room, and Coral says that people were "adventuring." Theo says that people were "showing each other their Lucky Charms." Coral adds that there was "a lot of hot oil."

    Mark asks if everyone enjoyed seeing Mike's ass a lot. Mike says that he worked out. Cut to Mike asking Eric if mooning is okay during the wrestling matches. Didn't we just see very similar footage? Mark asks Elka if she enjoyed seeing Mike's ass. Elka laughs and says that she never really saw it all that well. Mike asks how she missed it. Elka says that she hears it's nice, and Coral adds that Mike has a tight ass.

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